Traditional Home Design the American Way

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Traditional home design appeals strongly to a wide range of home owners as it creates a distinctive housing element by combining three vital interior design factors: timeless, refined, and beautiful. When going for the traditional home design, one must keep in mind that this particular style takes its roots from the same origins as the country style. Both these interior design ideas are characterized by a concoction of décor and furnishing elements from past periods of home design.

If you are smitten by the traditional home design and would like to give your seemingly chaotic interior a more classic look, here are some important factors that you need to keep in mind in order for your home to achieve that traditional style.

Classic Means Consistent

Consistency in décor and furnishing is one of the characteristics of a traditional home style. This simply means that the pieces used for decorating a home to achieve a traditional look should always be classic, comforting, and are in harmony with the overall look of the interior As such, every décor and furniture should match and create a unified look. As for furniture pieces, they should be placed in pairs mostly within the center of every room because strong symmetry in space is what the classic style favors.

In a traditional home style in America, there are certain pieces that help a home achieve the classic look. For instance, windows and candles on each side of the fireplace are common in traditional style homes. Moreover, great value, high quality Residential mailboxes, tampa are also mostly present outside the home.

Neutral Colors Matter

For most traditional homes, the colors used are most often in a neutral or mid-range palette to give the interior a homey ambiance. The use of black and white as main colors is common in most classic homes in America, whether they were built in Tampa or in California. In addition to black and white, other neutral colors such as gray, taupe, beige, and ivory are also commonly used as a base color for the interior décor.

This, however, does not limit home dwellers to center their designs on mid-range colors only. For a traditional home style, most home owners used light colors for their walls and ceiling, but infuse little pops of bold colors into their upholstery and furnishing. For example, when the walls and ceilings are painted in taupe, the upholstery and other furnishings may come in shades of blue and green. What one should keep in mind when adding bold colors to the overall color scheme of the home design is to make sure to avoid neon colors and keep the look of the home understated yet comforting.

Furniture Pieces and Other Furnishings

In traditional homes, wood furniture are the dominant pieces used to achieve a classic look because they are of great value and can last longer than most contemporary furniture. These furniture pieces should be characterized by a good mix of curved and straight lines.

Wood furniture that is finished with light and dark stains adds a formal, no-nonsense look to any room. As for other home décor, mirrors, framed classic art prints, china, books, and lamps are often used to add a definitive look to the living room and bedrooms. When using these accessories, each object should be paired in order to give each room a sense of balance and symmetry.

On the whole, traditional home style is most favored by home dwellers because it is one of those home designs that are often easy to execute to make a new or old house achieve a comforting and laidback ambiance.



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  1. What a pretty living room. I wish our home looked as good as that picture. Bu thanks for the tips that will get us there one day!

  2. I very much like neutral with just a few accents here and there

  3. I like lights and neutrals because I can’t stand a dark house. I want all the reflection of light outdoors I can get!

  4. I love the classic, neutral look.

  5. I like the classic look the best. I’m not into MOD at all. Right now our house is just whatevere we can get put together

  6. Love the design tips, we were sitting around last night talking about color on a few walls and what sort of curtains we would put up.

  7. I never would have considered my style “traditional” – but that’s definitely where my preferences for things in our own home tend to fall. I try to incorporate simpler, more contemporary versions of traditional pieces since our home is a more modern style, but I keep coming back to the comfortable, lived-in feeling of more “transitional” pieces vs. the super-modern Swedish stuff.

  8. I have no décor style. But we do gravitate to the neutral a lot. I think that’s because it’s easier to freshen up a look with colored accessories than to paint a whole whole or change out your furniture 🙂

  9. I love this very traditional look. It just looks great to me.

  10. I have a tendency for wild colors… then it is harder to decorate.

  11. We definitely have a lot of neutral- mostly black, in fact. I’ve been trying to get more color into our home!

  12. I love the classic look of earth tones in my home!

  13. classic tones and light colors in my home too so the outdoor light bounces off.

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  15. That living room is so beautiful! As for decorating, I like mixing muted tones such as beige with pops of color like turquoise or emerald green.

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