Doing it Like a Kardashian: Is Black Acceptable for a Wedding Gown?

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 Black wedding dress

Kim Kardashian’s wedding to Kris Humphries was celebrated around the world. The photographs of Kim’s special day featured in various media publications and cemented her position as one of the world’s most popular celebrities. Wearing a fabulous white wedding dress that made her look every inch the princess, Kim looked beautiful and so too did her bridesmaids. When preparing for a wedding there is a lot to organise but the biggest choice for any bride has to be the wedding gown. Most brides choose to wear white, but is black a modern alternative?


The bride doesn’t have to wear white


When looking for beautiful couture wedding dresses in New Jersey, white is the tip of the iceberg. There is no such thing as just ‘white’ anymore. You can choose ivory, off white, ice white or vintage white for starters. Then there are the more adventurous colours such as pink, red or even black. When planning a completely different wedding, roles can be reversed. Why not have the groom and his wedding party in white tuxedos with his wife-to-be donning a black wedding dress? By choosing a black couture gown, a bride will certainly stand out from the crowd and be remembered for many years to come.


Black is unique for a wedding gown


White has been the colour of choice for brides for hundreds of years. It was seen as a symbol of her purity and innocence. In modern days, this is less of an issue and so if a bride wants her wedding to be completely different, her gown can be partially or entirely black. Gothic Chic continues to be popular not just at weddings but other formal situations. If a bride wants to stand out in her photos, a black gown can be chosen and she can inform her guests to avoid wearing this colour. Therefore, her gown will be unlike what anyone else wears.


Couture dresses are available in many styles


As with other dress styles, a couture gown can be bought in many designs and styles. The bride could choose a long and flowing couture black dress with or without a long train or a figure hugging design with corset bodice. If a woman has an hourglass figure, choosing a wedding dress that clings tightly to her body is a great idea to emphasis curves and gives her the wow factor.


Bridesmaids can wear black


When Kim Kardashian married Kris Humphries, she had many bridesmaids that all wore the same colour. Not only can a bride have a black wedding gown but the dresses that her bridesmaids wear can also be the same colour. The same design can be chosen for each bridesmaid or each bridesmaid could wear a completely different style. To continue with this colour scheme, the bouquets the bridesmaids carry could also be black.


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  1. Despite my love for punk rock and numerous tattoos, a black wedding gown is just not for me. To each their own though and a big thumbs up for everyone brave enough to go against the norm!

  2. I don’t think I could ever wear a black gown. I guess I am just more traditional.

  3. I think black gowns are quite flattering.

  4. A non-traditional color such as black makes a beautiful and flattering color. I actually wanted a black wedding gown, but couldn’t find one. However, I did find a beautiful off-white one for my wedding day. 🙂

  5. Kim should have worn black instead of white. (Uh Oh – did I just really type that?)

    I think black could be pretty. All in context.

  6. I honestly think that a wedding is your own experience and you could wear a tie-dye gown if you would like. It is the commitment that is important in the end how you get there is half the fun.

  7. There’s nothing wrong with wearing black and everyone should wear what makes them feel special as it’s their day.

  8. i was going to have my brides maids where black gown and do a black and white gown but all black for some reason just seems unorthodox to me.

  9. I like bridesmaids in black. Very sophisticated

  10. I vote no for a black wedding dress.

  11. I could never wear black for my wedding. It would be like I’m a vampire bride.

  12. I think I am a more traditional girl when it comes to a wedding dress color. I like to be fun with my shoe color instead!

  13. When I was a kid I wanted a black dress but changed my mind long before my actual wedding. However I did have my bridesmaids all wear little black dresses- not only because they were cute but so that they could repurpose them later!

  14. Although white is traditional, I think a bride should wear whatever she wants!

  15. I agree that a bride should wear whatever makes her happy. It would make me happy to never do anything the way the Kardashians do. 🙂

  16. I think any color that you like and are comfortable in is acceptable for a wedding gown.

  17. I personally wouldn’t choose black, but believe a woman should wear whatever makes her feel beautiful.

  18. I’m more traditional and liked the white dress but to each her own.

  19. I think black is fine. To each his own. I wore a light gold/champagne wedding gown. I loved it, but my moms was pretty disappointed with it.

  20. If that’s what the bride wants then that’s what she should have. White wedding gowns didn’t become the norm until Queen Victorian wore one.

  21. Umm…I’m gonna say no black for the bride – I’m very traditional and conservative that way. A white gown still stands for purity to me and I sure hope my daughter wears a white one 🙂 That being said for bridesmaids I think black is very chic and elegant, my sister had us all in black/white gowns for her wedding as attendants.

  22. I think whatever the bride feels most beautiful in is perfect, no matter what color.

  23. I would have rocked black over white if it was more common. I hate white and just don’t like it on me, that being said I rocked it on my wedding day 😉