Pies for Kids – Pi Day March 14th

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Pi Day is coming up next month, March 14th to be exact. My husband and I like all kinds of pies, but the kids, not so much. So I searched Foodie.com and came up with a collection of fun pies that I think my kids will really enjoy.

There is the Chocolate Cream Brownie Pie that sounds oh so delicious. The original Whoopie Pie. Or how about a rainbow collection of Whoopie Pies! The Triple Peanut Butter Cookie Pie would have to be my favorite as I love peanut butter. Or maybe the Nestle Tollhouse Cookie Pie. Hmmm, they both sound good.

See my entire collection above.

What Pie will you be making on Pi Day?


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  1. Since it’ll be close to St. Pat’s, maybe I’ll go with a key lime!

  2. So many great ideas on here!

  3. I like this idea, my kids aren’t huge pie fans and yet this would be not considered a pie by them. I will have to try to make some.

  4. I love all kinds of pies. The mini pies are adorable. I want to try a whoopie pie.

  5. So many of these look like a lot of fun to both make and eat. The unique spaghetti pies would make such a perfect Pi Day dinner.

  6. Those Pop-Hearts are sooo cute!

  7. I will be making a coconut cream pie!

  8. Yes, Key Lime sounds good for about this time of year!

  9. Those pop hearts are stinking adorable!!!! I am a huge fan of Key Lime!

  10. I’m definitely going to try those pop-hearts. 🙂

  11. What a great compilation of pies for pi day. Such a clever way to celebrate the day!

  12. My kids really don’t care for pie they rather have cake instead.

  13. I like the sound of that no bake Butterfinger Pie. Perfect for summertime grill outs!

  14. Those little pop hearts are so cute! Looks yummy too.

  15. Those are all so yummy looking. The Pop Hearts are adorable!

  16. Those Mini Spaghetti Pies are so cute!

  17. The spaghetti pies are so much fun — those would be great for a packed lunch!

  18. Those all look delicious & some of them are so cute! I can not get over the cuteness of the Pop-Hearts!

  19. Chocolate Cream Brownie Pie — you had me at chocolate!

  20. I didn’t know 314 was Pi day. So next year will be really special because 3.1415 are the first five digits. Either way, any excuse to eat a pie is fine by me.

  21. I didn’t end up making a pie on pi day. Those spaghetti pies look fun!