Kids Will Love this Fun and Easy Orbeez DIY Underwater Adventure Creation!

Trying to keep the kids occupied on hot/rainy summer days is sometimes a struggle. I am always looking for cheap but fun craft activities the kids can do when the weather is bad. I came across Orbeez, and they are so much fun for my kids. I am going to share a fun DIY activity that is not only affordable, but keep the kids having fun for hours and days!

Below is what you will need to create a fun underwater creation with your kids.

Orbeez Underwater Adventure

Bag of aquarium rocks

Small fish bowl

Aquarium plants and decorations

2 containers of Orbeez Grown Orbeez Bottles in clear color (or choose from a variety of colors to give your water a pop of color)

Orbeez Wow World Wowzer Surprise (each contains 1 surprise, purchase as many as you’d like for your aquarium to come to life).




Step 1: Start by pouring the rocks into the bottom of the fish bowl.


Step 2: Decorate the fish bowl any way you would like.


Step 3: Take your Grown Orbeez Bottles and pour into the fish bowl. Make sure you use enough to fill it.



Step 4: Reveal which Orbeez Wow World Wowzer Surprise Wowzer you have! Pour water into the top of the glove to reveal your Wowzer.


Step 5: Put your Wowzer in the fish bowl.


Step 6: Pour water into the fish bowl to watch your fish bowl come to life! 







The best thing about Orbeez is that they can be reused again and again to make all kinds of fun creations! My kids had an absolute blast with these Orbeez products! I highly recommend these products to keep your kids busy this summer!

Orbeez Grown Orbeez Bottles are available at Target, Walmart, Walgreens and Amazon. Orbeez Wow World Wowzer Surprise Series are available at Target, Amazon, and Claire’s.


*I received the above products in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own. 




My name is MJ. I have two wonderful children and work part time as well as volunteer at my children's school.

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