DIY Crayon Hearts and Valentine’s Day Cards Craft for Kids


 Valentine Crayon Art

I was talking to my physical therapist two weeks ago and we were talking about crafts and kids. She told me o a craft she has done twice with her daughter for Valentine’s Day. I decided to try it out and am so happy I did!


Basically you will need:

CrayonsSharpieCardstock – Heart shaped silicone mold ( I found mine at Joanne’s) – Glue Dots ( I got Elmer’s medium thickness.)


Supplies for Valentine Crayon Art

Everyone has broken crayons laying around. Okay maybe not everyone. But if you have kids you most likely do. This is a great way to recycle and reuse those crayons. Just peel the paper and break into small pieces. After I did mine I read that if you soak the crayons in water the paper comes off easier. My nails wish I would have know that before…At least my daughter helped me!

Recycle your old crayons


Valentine's Day Crafts

I did end up cutting some of the crayons with a knife. We tried to get a red and pink crayon in each heart. Then make sure to read the directions on your silicon mold. I put my mold on a cookie sheet and baked 15-20 minutes at 250. Let cool on rack or place in the freezer to cool. Then the hearts just pop out of the mold.

012 Valentine's Day Art

Then take the cardstock and cut into squares. Write whatever saying you like. We choose “You make my world colorful” But you can also use, “You color my world” or “Happy Valentine’s Day”. Then place a glue dot in the center and place the heart on top!

It’s that easy! I will use this again and again. It was fun and my daughter is so excited to give these to her classmates. I’m thinking I might make some for a craft fair…

                                                                     What Valentine’s Day Craft are you working on?


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  1. My niece has been looking for things to do with her daughter… this will be perfect!

  2. These are so cute. I love re-using old pieces of crayons!! My niece loves to do this!

  3. Aww, those are cute, and a great idea for all those broken pieces of crayon!

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  7. I love making re-purposed crayons. Cute Valentines

  8. I’ve always wanted to make these! And now that my son is at an age where he loves to color (and breaks the crayons in the process), I have raw materials!

  9. so creative and such a fun valentine craft

  10. Those are cute. My niece made some once for birthday party favors.

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  13. Cool. A card & gift in one.

  14. So much cooler than getting more candy for Valentine’s!

  15. What a great way to reuse old broken crayons, love it!

  16. Such a cute idea, and a great way to use up those broken crayon pieces!

  17. What a cute idea! My son loves making crayons, he keeps a stash of broken crayons so that once we get enough we can make more. It’d be super cute to use them for Valentine’s Day!

  18. Now this looks fun! Must try it!

  19. Cute cards! We’ve made melted crayon hearts before, but not with a Valentine’s Day card – great idea!

  20. We made these at Christmas time for class parties — so stinking easy. I had a bit of problem with the glue dots being able to hold on to the crayons “long term” (I made these two days in advance) so keep that in mind.

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  24. My daughter (second grade) received a homemade crayon heart from a child in her class this year and thought it was super cool!