Spring Break, Part 1

I’m a little unmotivated this week as the children are home for spring break. My daughter wants constant activity.

St. Pete Beach

Monday I took my daughter and mother over to St. Petersburg to visit two old friends. They are more friends of my mom, but I’ve known them both a long time. While we were there, we made a trip over the Clearwater Marine Aquarium where Winter lives. Winter is the dolphin that lost her tail and is the star of Dolphin Tale, a movie that came out a few years ago and over the last few months my daughter has watched dozens of times.


Dolphin Tale

Above is Winter. You can see she does not have a tail. There is a second movie coming out staring Winter and Hope.


Below is Hope playing with her trainer.


I bought a ticket for Savannah to feed the stingrays but she was afraid, so I fed them.

 Feeding the Stinrays

We took a trolley to another building, featuring all kinds of props from the movie, then we took a boat back. We got to see a dolphin in the water!


Then we headed to St. Pete Beach for dinner. Brass Monkey had some awesome food. (not the best picture, lots of sun!)

Dinner at Brass Monkey

The view from our table.

St. Pete Beach

After dinner we took a short trip down to the beach.

Sunset at St. Petersburg Beach

St. Petersburg Beach

And yes, I had to go over the Skyline Bridge twice! But I did it!!



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  1. What a wonderful day you all had there! That bridge does look quite scary to drive on – I’m not sure I’d want to either 🙂

  2. What a great day! I’m super jealous. I’d love to have done everything you all did for sure. We are all huge fans of Winter too from Dolphin Tale movie too. We can’t wait to see the second movie too.

  3. I’m so jealous, I miss the beach & I don’t have one around here. I’ve been places where they let you touch the stingrays & I am always too scared like your daughter 🙂

  4. Looks like you’re enjoying the spring break so far! 🙂

  5. What fun, looking at condos in St Petersburg on the water! I would love to see the dolphins.

  6. Looks like you’re having lots of fun! 🙂 My kids are tracked out for the next few weeks and the days are NON-STOP activities, playing, making lunch/dinner together, helping me or needing me with everything. I love spending so much time with them, but I’m tired! lol

  7. Oh I miss St. Pete that is closer to where I grew up.

  8. Love St. Pete and Clearwater Beach, we were there earlier last year and plan to go back later this year. We were sad the aquarium was closed for filming when we were there.

  9. No way! It must have been so amazing to see Winter in person. AND it seems that you’re doing a great job keeping your daughter busy. Congrats on going over the bridge twice 🙂 Fear – conquered!

  10. With the miserable weather we had been having this looks like a dream come true.

  11. Looks beautiful! We are still having winter weather here so a trip to the beach would be so refreshing and warm!

  12. that place looks super neat!

  13. Looks like you had an awesome time!

  14. Look at you conquering your bridge fears! Glad you’ve been able to keep your daughter busy in such fun ways. 🙂

  15. Yay for making it over the bridge! Sounds like a great day. I haven’t seen Dolphin Tale yet. I miss being able to drive to the beach in an hour. 🙁

  16. It looks like a truly wonderful time

  17. Now that sounds like one awesome Spring Break!!! I love all the pictures, looks like such fun place! I am a huge animal lover!!

  18. It looks like you all are really enjoying some time off! Our spring break is the week before Easter and I am literally counting down the days.

  19. I love that you went over the bridge, twice! You’re an inspiration! I would so love to live near a beach. And to see a dolphin, especially Winter, would be so cool.

  20. It looks like y’all had a great time seeing the dolphins.

  21. Ahhh, I love St. Petes! Such a beautiful place!