You’re Not You When You’re Hungry!! #MONSTERSATISFACTION

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Who hasn’t felt like a rampaging menace at least once in their lives? Because let’s face it, You’re Not You When You’re Hungry! I love the commercial with Robin Williams!! And a Snickers Bar is really satisfying! I mean lets face it. Chocolate, peanuts and more chocolate and that nugget and caramel, yumm!

Even Godzilla is a regular, cool guy who can hang with his friends, just watch out for that sudden spell of hunger! Check it out in the new Snickers commercial that will air during the 86th Annual Academy Awards (7pm E.T. on ABC). Only SNICKERS – and its delicious blend of chocolate, peanuts, caramel and nougat – can provide #MONSTERSATISFACTION and tame the savage beast!

To celebrate the release of the new Snickers “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” commercial, Snickers wants to hear about your most satisfying movie experience. So tweet with the #MONSTERSATISFACTION hashtag about that incredible first date, or the first time you saw your favorite movie of all time on the big screen

Win a $15 Fandango GC and some Snickers to satisfy your hunger!

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  1. Heather Little says

    Would have to be Godzilla on a 4-wheeler 🙂

  2. I love these commercials! Too funny. Snickers are awesome. 🙂

  3. steven weber says

    I like the part where he got the ice water dumped on him.

  4. Jennifer T. says

    I like the guy at the fraternity-type party saying “he’s actually pretty cool.” And, his friend says “yeah, except when he’s hungry.”

  5. I love Snickers. They make a great snack on the go. Love the commercials.

  6. Godzilla on the 4 wheeler!!

  7. A Snickers is one of my go to snacks! Yum!

  8. Yes, I love me some Snickers!! They make everything alright!

  9. Andrea v says

    I like the Godzilla on the four wheeler

  10. Debbie Jackson says

    Got to be Godzilla ………love it.

  11. waterskiing Godzilla. I LOVE this entire series of commercials (Robin Williams is my Fave)

  12. I like how the one guy comments that Godzilla is “pretty cool”, then the other guy remarks, “except whenhe is hungry”, then it shows him on a rampage.

  13. Terra Heck says

    My favorite part is when Godzilla dumps a cooler of ice water on the person at the beach. Thanks.

  14. Nannypanpan says

    I like the Ping pong match

  15. I like the waterskiing!

  16. That commercial cracks me up! I love Snickers Almond

  17. Seyma Shabbir says

    I love it when Godzilla gets better after the snickers and goes water skiing

  18. I liked where the big dinosaur thing poured the cooler of water on the guy.

  19. My favorite part of the commercial is when Godzilla is playing ping pong.

  20. What a silly commercial! I like the guy’s face when he says “except when he’s hungry”.

  21. natalie yeoman says

    my favorite part is when he plays ping pong

  22. Tabathia B says

    when godzilla is waterskiing

  23. DESIREE H says

    I love when Godzilla tries to dance! It is funny.

  24. when he dumps the ice water on the person at the beach is hilarious

  25. shelly peterson says

    my favorite part is when Godzilla is water skiing.

  26. D Schmidt says

    My favorite part is when Godzilla is dancing at the party.

  27. I like when he’s riding the 4 wheeler.

  28. when they threw the snickers in his mouth and he was happy again

  29. left a comment on Arnold and Thomas Thins $25GC giveaway

  30. Godzilla playing ping-pong

  31. Ha! I love these commercials and definitely can relate to feeling unlike myself when hungry.