Doll Clothes Superstore



Doll Clothes Superstore

My daughter has been wanting matching dolls clothes for a while now. Some of the ones I’ve seen in the stores look a little cheap.

Recently I was asked to review a matching set of clothes for Doll Clothes Superstore. They are an online store with a lot to choose from!

There are clothes for American Girl, Cabbage Patch, My Twinn and Baby Clothes. Then they have matching girl and doll clothes. The sizes for the girls run from size 2 to 16.





Doll Clothes Superstore carries a wide variety of matching doll and girl clothes that include sleepwear, dresses, suits, shorts and pants. And if you want to shop by size, you can do that too! We stock girl and doll matching outfits for American Girl dolls, Bitty Baby dolls, Cabbage Patch Kids, Our Generation Dolls, My Twinn Dolls and large baby dolls.

Make every day special with matching doll clothes for your little girl. If her American Girl doll is her best friend, she will absolutely adore dressing her up to look like her twin! Doll Clothes Superstore carries a wide variety of matching girl and doll clothes that include sleepwear, dresses, suits, shorts and pants. And if you want to shop matching doll clothes by size, you can do that too! We stock American Girl matching outfits, as well as coordinating sets for Bitty Baby dolls, Cabbage Patch Kids, My Twinn Dolls, and large baby dolls.

Create a fun sleepover with matching girl and doll pajamas! She’ll enjoy having a slumber party every night with matching set of pajamas or a nightgown for her and her doll! For every day wear, Doll Clothes Superstore has a selection of cute dresses, shorts sets and pants sets that feature the most adorable prints and patterns. And with our low prices, her doll can have a wardrobe as extensive as hers.

I was asked to pick an outfit for my daughter and her My Generation Doll. I let her pick. Of course she wanted many of them but she finally picked the Blue Satin Nightgown. We went with size 7 and while it is a little long on my daughter she has so much fun dressing alike with her doll. And it will last awhile!



Matching Girl and Doll clothes

Both dresses are of great quality. The satin is nice and thick and soft. I know this will last a long time and am very happy with both of these dresses.


Matching Girl and Doll Clothes

I would definitely buy another set and I know that my daughter will love it!


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  1. My 13 (almost 14 – yep she still plays with dolls! 🙂 ) and 8 year old daughters would love the matching outfits!

  2. These outfits are so cute. These would make a great gift for my granddaughter.

  3. Oh how cute, my niece would absolutely love this, she loves her dolls!!!

  4. Oh my gosh, how cute are these! It’s a little girl’s dream!

  5. If I had a daughter I’d would definitely do this!

  6. What a great store for girls who want to match their dolls! I used to sew the matching Daisy Kingdom outfits for my daughter, but it was A LOT of work!

  7. How cute, so now I wish I had a boy.

  8. My daughter would LOVE this site. Her favorite thing is to dress in her matching pajamas with her doll. The outfits look nice!

  9. My oldest daughter is still very attached to the Build A Bear she made almost 6 years ago. I really like that this store has larger sizes for older girls and will be bookmarking it to shop for her upcoming birthday soon.

  10. Now, how cute is that! My daughter has an American Girl doll. I’ll definitely have to check this store out sometime.

  11. My daughter’s 14 and she still loves to play with her American Girl Dolls. I’ll definitely have to check this out with her to see if she likes it!

  12. The cuteness of the matchy matchy is just adorable! So perfect for little girls.

  13. Aww, so cute. My daughter was never matchy-matchy with her dolls but she was more of a stuff-animal girl. I love that there’s such a fun selection of style to choose from.

  14. How cute that there are matching outfits for little girls and their dolls.