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Spring is here and that means new flowers and plants, maybe even a garden. But when getting all that ready don’t forget to keep your lawn healthy and looking good too! Bonus S is an existing lawncare product designed specifically for southern grass and weeds. We’ve used this product before but a new, more effective formula that’s guaranteed to clear out listed weeds including dollarweed and clover being delivered this spring. Unfortunatley it will only be available in tow areas of Florida, Ft. Myers and Jacksonville. Since I live in Jacksonville I was sent a package to use on my lawn. Last weekend I decided to spruce up the yard and tackle some projects I’ve been meaning to do. You can also check out this Organic Lawn Care Guide.


The first step was to head over to Home Depot last weekend to get some plants and soil and there was Scott’s Lawn promoting the new Bonus S. They asked if I fertilized my lawn yet and I said yes. Then they mentioned to fertilize it again after six weeks using the Scotts Turf Builder and my grass would be beautiful by summer! Our home is fairly new and we’ve been trying to keep the grass green and healthy, but we have had a few patches of not so great grass. Bonus S But with this new and improved formula that’s guaranteed to clear out dollarweed and clover, I am more hopeful that our grass will stay weed free. This Bonus S controls 82% more types of weeds and is safe for more major southern grass types including St. Augustinegrass (including Floratam), bermudagrass(new), centipedegrass, zoysiagrass, seashore paspalum(new) and buffalograss(new). Look how nice and green it is! 119


You can purchase Bonus S at most major retailers in Ft. Myers and Jacksonville.

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  1. I’ll definitely look into this when I get some lawn.

  2. My lawn needs a MAJOR overhaul this year. Tackling the driveway first… hopefully we can get the lawn too.

  3. I want a lawn! Maybe this summer, hopefully, when I move. 😉

  4. This what my yards need! I love a full, green lawn to play in with my daughter.

  5. We have the worst grass ever. last turn green and has to be mowed twice a week to be maintained. ugh!

  6. Our grass needs some help right about now! Hahha finally starting to turn green after the long winter!

  7. We have major lawn repair to do in the backyard where our dog has created a huge bare spot. Our grass is just starting to turn green.

  8. What a difference – it looks amazing!

  9. I wonder why they are just selling it in those two markets? We have Bermuda grass here on our lawn in Texas, and we could sure use some of this stuff!

  10. You lawn looks beautiful! I’m so glad it turned out good.

  11. We definitely need to do some work on our lawn this year. I wanted to work on my garden today but the temp dropped from 75 to 45 and rainy

  12. Your lawn looks nice! We had nice, beautiful grass but our last landscaper kinda ruined it. Now we have to start over and maintain our lawn on our own.

  13. Your lawn does look great! Ours has so many weeds.

  14. We are using Scotts this year to build up our garden, I didn’t know they had products specifically for the lawn too…thanks!

  15. The house we are trying to buy definitely needs some help, she has not had the sprinklers on so we will definitely be looking for something soon.

  16. Our lawn is pitiful after the dry summer last year and the harsh winter we had.

  17. I’m hoping to have a better lawn this year. I’ll have to try this Bonus S. We get spots that don’t seem to want to grow in as much as other spots.

  18. I wonder if it could work some magic on the mess I have around here! The lot is so big that it’s tough to keep up with it!

  19. We did an application of weed & feed on our lawn a few weeks ago. We are already noticing a difference.

  20. About halfway done with our drivway. I amy be able to do the lawn too 🙂

  21. We started working on our lawn this past weekend. We still have a lot of work to do, but it is coming together. I’ll look into this product.

  22. Your yard looks amazing! What a perfect lawn!

  23. Your lawn is stunning! Here in Vegas our front yard uses fake grass due to drought concerns and watering laws.