Redecorating a Room

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There are many ways to alter your home’s style to positively impact the mood and function of the space. For example, switching a traditionally-styled room to a more modern and contemporary space can brighten and lighten the room, giving it an energizing feel while also providing more light for tasks and utility purposes. Try to re-purpose items that may already be in the home, and use them in new ways to expand the life of the piece while complimenting the new style theme for the room.


Some of the basic style themes to consider when redecorating include the following:


Traditional Style

Traditional home interior design encompasses many different themes and eras, but in general, this style utilizes conventional wood furnishings and primary colors, typically found in older, traditional homes. For instance, some benchmarks of this type of home interior design include crown moldings, high-ceilings, scrolled woodwork, and rich, jewel-tone color palettes.


Homes that have inherent characteristics such as built-in cabinetry, ornate scroll-work, and antique brass fixtures or hardware, might fit this category. Windows are typically dressed in elaborate window treatments, and fabrics are rich and sumptuous. Textural components such as velvet, brocades, and patterned floor coverings add to the allure of a traditional styled room.


It is easy to accent a traditional styled room by visiting area thrift stores and second-hand furniture stores. These venues may offer replicated pieces that echo the same lines, shapes, and styles of antique furnishings, which might be found in a true traditional home. These homes are designed for comfort, family engagement, and function.


Modern Style

There is a minimalist element to a modern- or contemporary-styled home. These spaces typically are free from a lot of clutter or visual distractions, and focus more on streamlining the furnishings and bringing ease and effortless convenience to the room.


When redecorating a room with a modern flair, try keeping the color palette neutral and add bursts of color through the accents and accessories. Taupe, white, black, or beige are good starting points for the space, which can then be accented with unique patterns, prints, and vibrant hues to give it a modern flavor. Stainless steel, chrome, and enamel are commonly found in these rooms and some might want to explore an industrial-style option to give the room distinction. Much of the furniture that implements metal and enamel finishes could include retro pieces, found in second-hand retail venues, or that are replicated for use in smaller spaces, such as dorm rooms and home offices. These pieces are lean and linear, which is perfect for a modern space.


Another feature of these rooms is the use of natural light. Light will make a space seem larger than it really is, and to achieve this, it may be necessary to minimize the window dressings used. Track lighting is another option that works particularly well in those rooms that lack sufficient windows.


Country Style

There are few hard, fast rules when it comes to creating a country-styled space in the home. The beauty of country interior design is that they are usually eclectic spaces that utilize many different styles, features, and types of pieces to comprise a warm and welcoming country space.


The color palette for a country style space may utilize a wide range of colors, including blue, red, green, yellow, and white. Prints and patterns need not match, yet can be tied together through the clever use of accessories to bring in different shades or textures that compliment one-another.


A country-style space is a great area to show off collectibles and belongings, as well. These items, objects, and accents create a bit of visual interest that adds to the completed project. Use big, full window treatments, but be sure to allow for as much natural light as possible. Country style homes are typically bright and cheery, and this also serves as a way of conveying the warmth and hospitality of the space.


It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to refurbish and redecorate spaces in the home. With some re-purposed furnishings, new colors, and re-configured layouts, it is possible to recreate spaces in the home simply and inexpensively. Changing a room in the home can improve how those living there feel when they enter and use the space, which may include the ripple effects of increasing productivity, enhancing mood, and adding convenience to the home.




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