First Mani/Pedi


I took my daughter to her very first mani and pedi a few weeks ago. Now we do our nails all the time but she has never been to a salon. So afterward I ask her how it was and she said, “I want to come every week!” I guess I started something…




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  1. That chair is killing me! It’s so cute! I hope there are tons of mani/pedis in your future. I love going on special dates with my daughter.

  2. Oh wow..she’s a grown woman now…lol She looks adorable!

  3. Such a pretty design, and I just love those chairs – too adorable!

  4. What a fun mother/daughter thing to do. We have done do-it-yourself ones at home but that is about it.

  5. Uh oh you’re in trouble now! LOL Those seats are adorable. Mani/pedis are such a fun way to bond.

  6. Love the chairs how cute.

  7. I love that the salon has kid friendly chairs. So cute! I especially love her pedi!

  8. She looks so cute. I’m sure you both had a great time together. I can’t wait until I can do this with Zeva. She already loves to have her nails done at home.

  9. Oh no! You’ve created a mini fashionista! Love the Hello Kitty chairs 🙂

  10. That’s a super cute set up for young girls at the salon. My daughter is 18 and has never had a mani/pedi done, I think I need to take her!!

  11. You are so sweet to treat her this way. I know she adored every bit of it!

  12. Oh my goodness… how sweet! LOVE IT 🙂

  13. I absolutely love the Hello Kitty Chairs. And her mani/pedi looks fabulous!

  14. I just can’t wait to do this with my daughter! What a fun experience 🙂

  15. How wonderful for her to get her first mani/pedi. My granddaughter always loves for me to do her nails for her when she visits.

  16. Cute mani pedi and LOVE the chair, so cute!

  17. I love trips to the salon, especially when I take my daughters along. Your girl looks so happy!