Backyard Ocean Pool Review

My contributor, Terra was sent Backyard Ocean Review (8×26 float to fill ring pool) to review. Opinions are her own.



Set up was very easy! You fill up the ring with air, spread the pool out and fill with water. It did take a while for the pool to fill up (about two hours). Make sure it is on a level surface as well! I set it up on a bit of a slant, and we couldn’t fill it entirely. 



The kids still had fun though! We did use an air pump to fill the ring. I imagine it would be quite tiring, and time consuming to do by mouth. From start to fill up, it took a couple of hours. There is no pump on this one to keep the water fresh, so you will have to drain it and clean in it at some point. I was very impressed with how durable and sturdy the material is. If taken care of, this pool could definitely be used year after year! Our little dog got in, and his nails didn’t even pop the ring. Even though it is a small pool my kids had a blast. A few of the neighbor kids came over and, between the five of them, they all took turns running and jumping in. 



It came with two nice sized beach balls as well! The value of this pool is great. It’s a very affordable way to entertain your kids in the backyard when they need to cool off in the summer. Overall, I would recommend this product to others.


8′ x 26″ Float to Fill™ Ring Pool

Easy Summer Fun

Backyard Ocean’s Float to Fill™ Ring Pools make it incredibly easy to enjoy all of the benefits of a quality pool without any of the installation costs and hassles. All you have to do is lay out the pool on a flat surface, fill the inflatable ring with air, then fill the pool with water. The ring rises as you fill the pool, pulling up the rugged walls with it, making setup a breeze!

Our 8 ft diameter x 26 in high Float to Fill™ ring pool will quickly bring endless summer fun to your own backyard with its easy setup. We even give you two free beach balls to get the fun started!


  • 485 Gallon Capacity (at 80% full)
  • Strong Sidewalls: Extra-strong 24-gauge sidewalls made from three layers of vinyl for extreme durability


  • Ring Pool: 8 ft diameter x 26 in high to the top of the ring
  • Quick Instructions Sheet
  • Beach Balls: Two 20″ beach balls for instant summer fun!
  • Note: This pool does not include a drain plug or opening to attach a pool pump. To keep your pool water clean and sanitary we recommend the use of the Ring and Frame Pool Maintenance Kit and 1″ Chlorine Tablets which can be placed in a Floating Chlorine Dispenser (items sold separately).

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My name is Terra! I am a wife and mother who is passionate about health, fitness, and family. While staying home, I help my two oldest run a YouTube channel that is great fun for kids to watch!

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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    My kids would LOVE that. They have been asking for a pool for years.

  2. My in-laws have this pool at their house. My son LOVES it. We’ve used it two summers now and it has been so much fun.

  3. Perfect pool to have in the back yard for kids! Looks like a pretty easy set up too!

  4. That’s a great little pool. I love that you can take it down easily whenever you want.

  5. My girls have been begging for a pool! This is the perfect size!

  6. My kids have been eyeing this pool. They say it would look great in the backyard.

  7. These pools are so neat! I like how easy they are to set up.

  8. Sadly as an apartment dweller there is no pool in my future, but this definitely looks fun and I’m sure my niece and nephews would FLIP for this!

  9. I see these pools all over so they must be great! I love how easy they are to take care of and how affordable too!

  10. I have never seen this pool. My boys would LOVE it!

  11. I love this pool. It looks big enough and strong enough for my kids. This would be perfect for our backyard.

  12. Debbie Denny says:

    That is really cool. My grandkids would have a blast.

  13. I have been wanting to get one of these for my dogs! I have heard many people say that small pools like these are great for cooling dogs off in the summer.

  14. This looks like a fun size for all the little ones. I’ll need to keep an eye out for one for us. Thank you for sharing.

  15. What a fun pool! I love that it isn’t that hard plastic variety!

  16. How fun. It is big enough for older kids who want to splash and play from the comforts of their own yard. I love how you can store it away easily for next time.

  17. These pools are fantastic! So easy and the perfect size. I will be getting one next summer for my kiddos.

  18. That look like the perfect pool for my sisters yard. They have been debating on getting one, will sending your post!

  19. We had this pool a few years ago but quickly outgrew it. We’ve upgraded to a much larger one by the same brand. This one is the snap together with the plastic posts. Super easy to put together. Such a great brand and love that they are so affordable.

  20. Looks like a great sized pool for your kids! Looks really easy to set up

  21. Love the pool, we actually have an above ground one now but for years we had pool like this and we loved getting them out every year, they can be so much fun!

  22. I wish we had a place for a pool in our backyard. It is so uneven, we just can’t.

  23. How fun to have it in the backyard. That eliminates the need to drive anywhere. 🙂

  24. My kids would love this! What a great way to spend time outdoors this summer.

  25. I need to get the boychild one of these, I would win mom of the year. This is perfect for the summer.

  26. This is a great looking pool, I want one for our back yard, if only! Looks like it is a loved pool at your home!

  27. Oh this pool is very nice! I wish our yard was level so we could put one up. Happy Summer!

  28. I remember having a small pool like this when I was growing. I love these pools! Great for Summertime fun.


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