Be Koool Fever Cooling Gel Sheets Review and Giveaway!




I have two school aged children, so sickness and fevers are something that my children deal with yearly. I try to be proactive, and find items that I can have in the house, to prepare myself when sickness happens.

When a fever hits my 4 year old son, it is usually always high.  I immediately give him medicine and try to keep him cool. What I found to help greatly are these cool fever sheets I have been using!



Cute Disney Characters your kids will love on the front of the gel sheet!

These gel sheets are basically thick strips of cooling gel you put on your child’s forehead, cheek or neck when they have a fever. It gives immediate cooling relief.
I put one on my son, and even though he said it was freezing, I noticed his high fever started to come down. These are safe to use with any medication, since they do not contain medication. They have very cute Mickey Mouse and Friends theme on them, so my son was excited to look at the strip before I put it on his head.
I love the fact that I can keep them in the car and my purse. No need to refridgerate! They also last 8 hours!! I put it on him at 10pm and by 6am it was still cool on his forehead. It is also so easy to apply and take off, it doesn’t get stuck to his head or hurt to take off.



Be Koool Fever sheet keeping my son nice and cool from his fever.

This company also makes the gel sheets for adults, and also for help with Migraines. To check out their products click here.



Win the line of BeKOOOL products, a Kinsa Smart Thermometer, two books from the Llama Llama series, and Dad to Dad, a book by pediatrician Dr. David Hill, all valued at more than $90.

About the prizes:
BeKOOOL Soft Gel Sheets for Kids: Single-use gel sheets for kids that provide immediate cooling relief from fever for up to eight hours.

BeKOOOL Migraine: Single-use cooling gel sheets that provide immediate soothing relief from migraine headaches.

Kinsa Smart Thermometer: Kinsa builds app-enabled thermometers that offer peace of mind by remembering illness details, and guiding you on next steps if fever and symptoms are cause for concern.

Dad to Dad: Parenting Like a Pro: Expert advice, guidance, and insight from pediatrician-Dad, Dr. David L. Hill.

Llama Llama Holiday Drama & Llama Llama Home With Mama: With short and simple rhyming text, the Llama Llama books are perfect for educating and entertaining kids.

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Win this awesome prize pack!


To win this awesome prize pack, please comment below to this question:
“How do you manage fevers in your home?”
Make sure to leave an email address you check most often!


***I was given a product in exchange for my honest opinion. This review is based on my experience with the product. I am not affiliated with the company and everything in this review is my opinion.





My name is MJ. I have two wonderful children and work part time as well as volunteer at my children's school.

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  1. Betty McBroom says

    Manage fevers through YL Peppermint EOs. D-i-L uses OTC meds with her children.

  2. We use OTC medicine, plenty of rest and depending on what kind of sickness it is we use the “B.R.A.T.Y” diet!

  3. We use OTC medicine. I put the boys in cotton clothing and lots of rest and fluids.

  4. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says

    I use these ALL the time. I love these things. They really work well!

  5. Through Infant Tylenol, soup, cuddles, and the occasional tv/movie marathon if it’s really bad! 🙂

  6. I’m trying to find information on their website about what the Be Koool strips are made of. I’d like to learn more about how they work.

  7. That sounds like a great idea. My kids are always so miserable when they have a fever.

  8. I usually use essential oils on my kids when they have a fever!This is such a great idea! I love that you can keep them in your purse since in our family fevers never hit when we’re at home. They’d also probably be great on bumps and bruises!

  9. I need to find these. They would make my life so much easier. I love that thermometer too!

  10. We do a mixture of different things – fresh air, essential oils, vitamins, healthy foods, meds when necessary and a lukewarm bath. Our son just started kindergarten so I have a feeling we will be needing this prize pack to combat the bugs he brings home from school!

  11. We’ve had a terrible string of RSV cases here in GA. I feel like I need to stash these in the medicine cabinet in case we are struck down.

  12. I know those cooling gel strips would come in handy. Colds are really starting to spread around the school!

  13. OTC meds and cuddles also push fluids

  14. Fevers are never any fun and I hate seeing my babies get sick. These cooling strips look like they can help them feel better.

  15. Lots of fluids and rest

  16. These are so perfect! My daughter constantly grabs cold items to put on her head when she has a fever.

  17. These are so neat. They are perfect for when little ones are running a fever.

  18. I wish they had these when I was a kid. I had to use a headband to keep the washcloth on my forehead.

  19. Leigh Anne Borders says

    We treat fevers in my house by washing off with a cool rag and getting lots of love and attention from mom and dad. It does not even matter the age of the kid either;)

  20. This sounds like a great product. Simple and affective.

  21. I have read about this but the migraine one is new to me. Will have to see if our local CVS has that one as our daughter gets migraines.

  22. I could definitely use the migraine one! I will have to check these out.

  23. My kids would love these cooling sheets. Love the characters on them too!

  24. Those sound like a great thing to have on hand. This time of year someone’s always got something! I need to pick some up.

  25. This is brilliant, I’d use these too because they are genius. I had no idea these were on the market, on the shopping list.

  26. Trisha Burgess says

    We rotate Motrin and Tylenol, get plenty of rest and use cool rags!!

  27. What a clever product! I think any family with kids should have this in the medicine cabinet.

  28. I’ve never seen or heard of these but what a great idea! I put a damp, cold washcloth on my own head when I don’t feel well. This is much easier.

  29. We use some OTC fever relievers and a wet towel mostly. Also I encourage my kids to drink lots of water when they have a fever.

  30. I love this product and wish it was around when my kids were younger. I had to take their temp with a mouth therometer and it was always a struggle.

  31. I would have loved one for migraines. I had a hysterctomy and they seem to be gone now. Knock on wood.

  32. Debbie Denny says

    Oh these do sound really good. Looks like a nice easy way to cool those temps. I will have to get some for my grandkids.

  33. these are a great idea. Even if they don’t provide medicinal relief it’s gotta so great to just feel better

  34. nannypanpan says

    love, Tylenol and fluids

  35. Austin Baroudi says

    Children’s Tylenol, lots of liquids, and love!

  36. Vicki Wurgler says

    OTC meds and rest

  37. Emily Smith says

    We use tylenol, make sure they are drinking plenty of cool fluids and wearing light breathable pajamas.

  38. I give my son medicine, drink water and juice, and we cuddle

  39. Carly amorim says

    I use children’s advil. Doc says advil is much better than Tylenol dosage wise. And cool clothes on all the hot spots, head, behind the ears, under the arms. And lots and lots of love!