Disney Movies I Would Like To See As Sequels


I love everything Disney. When I lived in NJ, my family and I would do the 17 hour drive straight through just to get to our “happy” place. Disney definitely is our happy place. Now that we only live 2 hours away, we are there monthly and just love it. We also are big Disney movie fans. We probably own almost every Disney film on DVD. Some of my favorites are listed to be the next Disney remake or sequel.


I do have my list of favorites that I would love to see sequels of. Toy Story 1, 2 and 3 I can watch over and over. I can’t wait to see Toy Story 4. It’s release date has been bumped a year and with odds on this remake happening at 25/1 there is still a chance it may not happen, so keeping my fingers crossed.. I just love that fuzzy pink bear, Lotso. The movie Brave was your not the average Disney princess movie. It was pretty awesome, and hey, she is a fellow red head like me!  Who doesn’t love Inside Out? That movie was amazing, and my kids just loved it as well as I did. I am really hoping Disney does a sequel of Inside Out. Just a spoon full of sugar…Mary Poppins…..maybe a sequel or remake as a modern day Mary? I think that would be pretty awesome!



There are so many movies I would love to see sequels of. Which movies would you love to see as sequels?



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