How To Throw A Kid’s Party On A Budget



Throwing a party for your child’s birthday is not going to be inexpensive these days. They always want to do something a little more interesting, something a little different, and with 30 or more children to invite, that interesting and different thing can become costly. Here are some useful tips for throwing a kid’s party on a budget.


Get The Timing Right

If you can get the timing of the party just right, you won’t need to provide much food; you’ll just need to give everyone a snack rather than a proper meal. That can save a lot of cash. Book the party for between 2pm and 5pm, and that way the children will already have had lunch at home before coming out, and they’re likely to have dinner waiting for them later on, so a few nibbles will suffice.


Plan Early

When you know that your kid wants to have a party, start planning as early as possible. That way, not only will you secure the venue or event that you want, but you’ll have more time to pay as well. Book early enough, and you’ll only need to pay a deposit and you’ll have months to save up to pay the rest. You can also spread the cost of other things such as table linens and decorations, buying just a few each month. Although in the end you may have paid the same as you would if you had bought it all at the last minute, you will be paying less each month, making cash flow better.


Make Your Own Invitations

Rather than buying readymade invitations or having a printer make them for you, you can find printable birthday invitations online that you can personalize and send out. Not only will this save you plenty of money, but you and your child can design them together, making them totally unique. It’s a good way to get them involved in the early stages and can be a fun and exciting thing to do.


Make It A Joint Party

Is there another child in your kid’s class who has a birthday around the same time? If so, what about having a joint party? You and the other parents can then split the cost, halving how much you would need to pay – you’ll only need one venue, for example, and one set of decorations. Remember, though, that you’ll want to get each child their own cake to be fair, and there is no point in doubling up with someone who your own child doesn’t like, as that won’t be much fun for either of them.


Bake Your Own Cake

You don’t need to be an expert baker to make a lovely cake for your child’s birthday party. If you feel confident to do it, then go ahead and enjoy the process. It’s true that your cake may not look as professional as it would if you bought it from someone who specializes in that sort of thing, but the love and care that has gone into it will more than makeup for that.



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