Storm Struggles – Moving In Bad Weather




When the weather turns for the worst, it can make even the smallest task more complicated. Moving is never pleasant but moving in the middle of bad weather is even less fun. Imagine trying to quickly carry packages to an open truck or van hoping that the boxes don’t get wet or you don’t slip while running to the car. Add the flurry of rain or strong winds that can make vision difficult and you can have a pretty rough time getting it all done.

More than just getting yourself moved to the new place, you are tasked with doing so safely. Professional removalists in Melbourne encourage would-be DIY movers to have a moving plan that can be executed quickly, even in the worst weather.

Continue reading to learn how to make moving in bad weather less of a struggle than it has to be.

Secure Important Papers

When dealing with bad weather, the last thing you want is to hunt for valuable papers and documents related to major parts of your life. Any insurance policies, major information related to loans, and other financial documents should be secured in one place. Most insurance companies suggest that policyholders place this type of information in a folder so that if something does come up, these papers can be accessed easily and quickly.

Pack Against The Weather

Moving in the rain or a storm is a whole different experience. For this reason, the priority is to get your furnishings and other belongings into the van or truck without damaging or ruining them. Those moving in bad weather should make sure they have items like mattress pads, industrial covers, large-sized trash bags, and heavy blankets to protect furniture.

With artwork, cover the pieces in large plastic bags to prevent the art from getting wet. These bags can also be used to protect clothes packed in boxes to prevent them from getting wet and then going mildew. Use the large bags, sheets and blankets with larger pieces of furniture to prevent the wood from getting wet as it might warp.

Move Furniture Quickly And Carefully

Before actually moving your belongings to the van, take a few minutes to prepare. While this can take up some time, it makes moving items a lot safer. Place towels down on the entryway to your home to prevent water from settling and to prevent accidents. Furthermore, make sure that everyone involved in carrying items to the truck or van has appropriate footwear to avoid slipping.

When actually moving, set up an assembly line to avoid tracking mud, rain, or snow into the home on the way to get more items. Those moving stuff from the house to the door keep the floor dry and those moving from the door to the truck do not wet the floor when going back and forth. Ultimately, anything that you can do to reduce the risk of an accident will make moving easier.

Plan For Delays

Bad weather makes transport unpredictable and roads can get congested as motorists have to drive more carefully. If you have to return the rental van or truck or you have to pick up the keys at a certain time, make sure to start out early just in case there is a delay on the road. This flexibility makes for an easy move.

Ride Out The Storm

A million issues can arise when you have to move in bad weather. Avoid any mishaps or delays by carefully planning and executing your move. While it might take more time than  you had initially allowed for to complete your move, it will be worth the effort if it helps everything to go more smoothly when bad weather puts a damper on moving day.



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