The Scary Parts Of Being A New Parent






Becoming a new parent is an exciting time in your life, but it’s also quite a scary and worrying one. You’ve got a new life who is entirely dependant on you to take care of, and you feel like there’s so much you could get wrong already! You’ve got doubts in your mind about how good a parent you’re going to be, and you don’t know where to turn to lay these kind of fears to rest.


But first thing’s first: even just having those kinds of worries proves just how much you care about the baby you’re about to bring into the world! That parental instinct is already kicking up inside of you, and even though you feel nothing but a bit of dread during moments like these, this can be seen as a very good sign!


Of course, don’t let these fears go on forever – it’s not good for your mental or physical health right now. You don’t need to be constantly fearful over what the future is going to bring, and there are always going to be sources of comfort you can turn to when you’re at your most down.


And with that in mind, we’ve decided to compile a list of some of the scariest parts of becoming a new parent, to make sure you don’t feel alone with your doubts right now. If you can pinpoint the source of the fear, you’ll be able to tackle them with precision and efficiency, just like the kick-ass parent you’re about to be!



A little hand reaching out to grab onto yours is always going to be a magical moment – don’t worry, you’ll find plenty of them throughout your parenthood journey! (Pexels Image – CC0 Licence)


Keeping Them Warm Enough


Babies aren’t too great at regulating their own body temperature, unlike us adults. When we get a bit too cold, we can just throw another layer on, or turn the heating up a notch more. But a baby can do nothing but cry, to alert you to the fact that something is wrong, and that’s something every parent to be worries about. Not to mention, if baby is asleep when the temperature dip, you might even worry they won’t be able to alert you at all.


But keeping a baby warm is easier than you might think, especially during the winter months of the year. Whilst at home, you’ll want your baby’s room or nursery to be kept at a constant temperature, oft quoted at about 18 degrees centigrade – it should be warm enough for you, with just a light pair of trousers and a light shirt on.


And in the cot, you’ll want to make use of light, cotton material blankets, rather than anything heavy like a mini duvet or comforter. You might even want to invest in a sleeping bag for them – this will ensure they stay covered up the entire night through.


If you’re taking them outside, during the colder months particularly, you might want to make use of a snowsuit. Otherwise you might want to bundle them up in three layers at the least, and make a liberal use of gloves, hats, and snow socks/booties.


And if you’re worried you’re overheating your little one, you can always check by gently touching their belly; this is where a baby tends to project the most heat. You can always adjust the amount of layers they’re wearing or covered in if they seem a bit too warm to you.


Getting Your Baby to Sleep at Night


You feel like you already know what you’re in for. A few months of little to no sleep, alongside plenty of midnight and early morning feeds. You think you’re going to turn into a grouchy mess, and you and your partner are going to have to come up with a rota of whose turn it is to comfort the little one this time. All in all, you’re a bit doubtful over how you’re going to cope during those first 3 to 6 crucial months, and you have no idea how you’re going to implement a routine to make sure the baby learns to sleep the whole night through.


You’re not the only one to feel this way. Plenty of new parents await the busy nights with a mix of anticipation and dread, but in truth, it’s just a part of being a parent, and of your baby growing up. And if you’re strict enough with the routine here, you’re going to get your baby to take to night time sleeps like a duck to water! And remember, every baby out there has a different temperament, and not all of them like to cry and wail!


Of course, how you treat your baby during this time is going to affect just how receptive they are to the night time routine. The time you put them to sleep at, the amount you feed them, how you dress them etc., are all elements that factor in how much your baby will like to sleep.


Taking the time now to do a bit of research into the best ways to get your baby to drop off will save you a lot of time and energy later on; you might want to start with How To Swaddle A Baby: The Complete Guide For Parents, if you’re most worried about constricting your baby too much during the night, or dressing them up too warm and not realising it.


Giving Them Enough Care and Attention


It’s probably the number one thing you’re worried about at the moment. You’re worried you’re not going to give your child the care and attention they really need. But at the same time, you’re worried about smothering them in it; you’re worried you’re not going to give them too much, and you’re a little worried about giving them too much and potentially stifling them. You just can’t win!


But there’s some good news on the horizon for you – there’s no such thing as giving a baby too much attention, no matter what news outlets and older people in your family will tell you! And if you’re worried you won’t always be there to give them what they need, it’s just another sign you’re about to become one of the best parents out there.


A loving home with parents that are around to answer their every need makes sure a child forms a secure and healthy attachment to the world around them. They’re curious about what’s going on, and they approach life with a smile on their face and happiness in their heart. And all because they’ve been taught, since the moment they were born, that the world is filled with good people and happy experiences to be had. So feel free to keep on cuddling your baby!


And remember, as a new parent, you’ll be hard wired to respond to every single one of their physiological needs. When they cry, you’ll hear them, even if you’re in a deep sleep. You’ll learn what it sounds like when they want to be fed. You’ll learn how they sound when they’re too cold or a bit too warm. You’ll be able to make them smile and laugh in between bouts of inevitable crying, and you’ll be able to snap that perfect shot of the first time they fall asleep on your partner’s chest.


Being a new parent is an exciting time, and it’s important to hold on to that. Use that kind of energy to guide the way you act; you already love your little one and they’re not even here yet, and you know you’d do anything for them! And that means you’re going to love and care for them in just the right way; you’re nervous right now, that’s all, but make sure you work on those feelings.


It’s important you talk to someone about them, and get the comfort you’re looking for, even if it’s just from a stranger on the internet!


So, To Finish Up 


Every person about to become a parent for the first time is going to worry about being a parent. Even when you’ve done it two or three times before, there’s always going to be a seed of doubt in the back of your mind over what this new child will bring your way. What are you going to experience with them in your life now?


But being a parent is often quite a natural part of life, as long as you want to be one, and you’re allowed to revel in that. Let yourself feel your worries, because it’s the only way you’ll be able to work through them. You have to feel your feelings to make sure they’re laid to rest, and that you can move on, and that’s what your child needs from you right now!


Going in search of answers to your emotional problems makes you a very responsible person, which is just another sign that you’re going to be a great parent.



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