Busy mom vs gorgeous glasses. 5 scenarios all moms are familiar withBusy mom vs gorgeous glasses. 5 scenarios all moms are familiar with

When you become a parent, your priorities change. Your little one takes precedent – their needs and wants become the only thing that matters and this tiny, innocent little human very quickly takes over your life. This means that nights out with friends, the latest clothes, styles and even your hobbies tend to take a backseat for a while.

However, just because you’re a new mum doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous. A gorgeous pair of glasses will always make any outfit – even ones covered in baby sick and milk – look great. And while wearing glasses is incredibly practical as well as being the ultimate accessory, you’ll soon find yourself familiar with the following scenarios.

They look a little tired

As mentioned above, a lot of things take a backseat when we have kids, including following the latest fashion and styles. So, when you finally manage to get yourself into a routine and you venture outside or even back into the world of work, it’s normal to feel that your clothes and your glasses are little out of date. Thankfully, there’s a world of glasses – including the latest, most durable styles – waiting for you online. Find out more about titanium eyeglasses by clicking the link.

Having your glasses pulled off your face

Little ones are adorable, but there’s nothing more painful than having your brand-new pair of glasses pulled from your face and squashed into your nose in the process. Ouch! Of course your little one is just curious, and grabbing, holding and putting objects in their mouths is how they explore the world around them. It’s important to recognise the difference between curiosity and dangerous situations – being firm with your little one (not angry) and asking them not to grab your glasses is the best option. Or take them off whilst you’re playing!

Headaches and discomfort

When you have a little one at home you’re juggling night feeds, a lack of sleep and a rollercoaster of emotions. It’s only natural to expect some headaches and discomfort. However, because we naturally put our children first, it’s easy for things like regular eyes exams to be postponed and forgotten about. Sadly, this often means that headaches are common amongst new moms. Remember to have your eyes tested regularly (at least annually) and update your frames as often as required.

Your glasses go missing

You put them down in one place and now they’re gone!? When you have small children at home it’s common for lots of items to go missing from time to time. Maybe they’ve been played with, examined and then taken to the other side of the house. You might even find them in your little ones’ toy box…if you have glasses and a little one at home, always remember to keep them out of reach!

They get a little bent

Falling asleep with your glasses on usually results in sharp pains in the side of your nose and glasses that are bent completely out of shape! It can’t be helped, we all know how tired new moms are. But remember to keep your glasses in your glasses case or have a spare pair just in case!


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