5 Easy Ways to Streamline Your Life




From easy recipes to saving money, working moms are always looking for ways to streamline their busy lives. Below, we’ll discuss 5 ways moms can simplify their days, improve their finances, and free up more time for the things (and people) they love. 

Carpool Ride-Sharing

If every day feels the same, it might be time to look for ways to switch things up! What mom wouldn’t love to have a few mornings or afternoons to herself to take care of errands or get in an extra workout? If you have school-aged children and are feeling more like a chauffeur than a mom – you’re not alone. Reach out to the parents at your child’s school and see if anyone would like to join a carpool ride-sharing group. With several parents rotating shifts throughout the week, everyone can get more done! This can also be a great idea for your child’s sports teams and events. 

Go Green

Saving money doesn’t have to be complicated. One of the simplest ways to improve your finances is to consider investing in renewable energy. Solar panels can drastically reduce your energy costs over the life of your home. There are plenty of solar companies to choose from. Shop around and see what savings are available by finally joining the bandwagon and making the switch! 

Meal Prep

Using Sunday afternoons to prep meals for the week is a great timesaver. It takes a bit of practice, but it’s well worth the effort. Prepping meals can mean a few different things. Some people are satisfied by simply writing out the meal plans for each day of the workweek. This prevents mental fatigue, bickering among the kids, and last-minute grocery store runs. Other moms do actual cooking in bulk on the weekends, and carefully divide up portions to be used throughout the week. Chili, soup, chicken, beans and rice are all great options to prepare in bulk and divy out as the week goes on. 

Morning Workouts

Remember all that free time you gained from joining a carpool or rideshare for the kids? Don’t just waste that precious time scrolling on social media and drinking coffee – get up and move! Working out in the morning sets the tone for success. Get more work done throughout the day with a clear head, strong body, and plenty of post-workout, feel-good chemicals. Did we mention your clothes will fit better? 

Bulk Shopping

It’s believed that one of the key ways people can improve their spending is through bulk shopping. If you can afford it, buying items in bulk can save you tons of cash. When you purchase items from bulk shopping stores, you’re often saving 15-20% over the normal retail price you’d pay on a per-item basis. Bulk shopping comes with some drawbacks, like more plastic waste – so be sure to be conscientious and recycle whenever possible. Hate big box stores? You can find places that sell bulk items online

Start implementing these practices today, and watch your finances, free time, and fitness improve dramatically! 



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