Things to Ask When Choosing a Lawyer

Not all law firms are the same. Not all lawyers have the same experiences or attitudes. If you need to speak to a lawyer, you may need to know the questions to ask when choosing the suitable law firm for you. 

For example, if you wish to begin a claim for personal injury compensation, but you are not able to travel to see the lawyer in person, you may wish to ask if the lawyer can travel to see you. 

Whatever your situation, finding a lawyer is paramount in regards to knowing what to do next and to gain insight into your circumstances (for further details, follow the link to contact personal injury attorneys).  

How Professional Does the Website Appear?

Often, the first interaction you will have with the law firm is through their website. When going online to choose a law firm, pay attention to their website.

Any issues with unresponsive websites or pages that don’t appear to contain much information might mean that the firm either isn’t well-resourced or that they simply don’t care. In either case, trust your gut feeling and steer clear of websites that do not give you the impression that there is a competent lawyer at the end of their phone line. 

Also, where the content on their website appears to lack spelling, grammar, and punctuation, you would be wise to continue your search for a company that knows how to get the basic things right. 

Does the Law Firm Receive Positive Reviews?

Online reviews are easy to find. Google provides access to online reviews, along with many other trusted companies. 

Be sure to read through the online reviews before you choose a lawyer. Sometimes, you may find positive reviews from people who have been through a similar situation to you. Other times, you may find that people regularly complain about the same issues with competence or attitude. 

Don’t worry too much about individual bad reports, as some people love to complain. But do look for patterns and use other people’s experiences to your advantage. 

Does the Law Firm Have a Well-Resourced Department Specific to Your Claim?

Before you commit to a law firm, ask them if they have a well-resourced department specific to your claim. 

Some law firms may state that they employ hundreds of people, for example. But you may later discover that the number of people in the specific department handling your claim is small. 

An understaffed department will slow your claim down, meaning the law firm will still take on your claim, but you could reasonably expect the time to completion to be much longer than initially anticipated. 

Has the Law Firm Handled Similar Successful Claims?

Enquire as to whether the law firm has handled similar cases to your case. Ask about the outcome. 

You may discover that the law firm has not handled many similar cases in the past. You could also find out that the results were mixed. 

Use this information to help steer your choice in which law firm you pick. 



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