Best Mother of the Bride Dresses to Choose

It’s not every day that one of your children gets married, so on that special day for your daughter, you want to look elegant and express your style regardless of the season.

Thankfully, the mother of the bride’s dress etiquette has evolved over the years, so the days when the bride’s mother was expected to wear traditional and “modest” outfits are long gone.

There are many ‘mother of the bride’ dress options available, so it may be hard for one to make a pick. Wanting to stand out on your daughter’s big day is not wrong. However, there are different factors that affect the outfit choice and in this article, we will explore a few and also guide you to pick the best available option.

What Should The Mother Of The Bride Wear

Elegance and grace embody the outfit for the bride’s mother, but there are so many styles out there, and it is difficult to decide whether to wear a short or long dress, what sleeve will be most appropriate, the type of neckline, etc. You will need a guide to lead the way to the most fitting outfit for your daughter’s wedding.

  • Take Tips From The Wedding theme.

You can take a cue from the bride and the groom since they set the wedding tone. Your outfit should be in sync with the theme of the wedding. For example, you can choose to wear a floral dress with equally matching accessories for an outdoor beach wedding. You can ask the couple early for the theme of the wedding and them look the part.

  • Borrow Colours From The Wedding Party

As the bride’s mother, your dress should not be contrasting with the wedding colors; rather, it should complement the colors of the wedding. You can take a cue from the venue colors and also the bridal train. So it is best to wait for the bride to decide on her bridesmaid’s dresses and colors and pick a color that compliments and does not necessarily match their colors.

Remember to stay away from any color that the bride is wearing. She is the star of the event and should be allowed to stand out from the crowd.


What Should The Mother Of The Bride Wear

Whether you choose a tea-length dress, a long dress, a lace material, or silk, you can find the best mother of the bride dresses for every season here.

Length of the Dress

The length of the dress a bride’s mother wears is a personal choice and does not have to be the same for both mothers of the couple. Although, most mothers prefer to wear similar lengths to create uniformity, especially in pictures.

  • Tea Length Mother Of The Bride Dresses

A knee-length midi dress is a perfect fit for summer weddings. It can be both elegant and very practical. You have ease of movement while maintaining elegance. You can shop for polished and elegant tea-length dresses for all sizes at AW Bridal.

  • Long Mother Of The Bride Dresses

Style and color are what make a long dress suitable for formal weddings. You have options of a maxi dress, a long-fitting dress, or a free-flowing ankle-length dress. The style may also include slits and beautiful embroidery.

  • V-Neck Dresses For The Mother Of The Bride

This age-old neckline carries an air of sophistication and can be styled in different manners that still portray the highest level of grace worthy of the mother of a bride.


Things To Remember

Apart from the tips mentioned above, there are three major things to remember when you embark on a dress search as the bride’s mother.

  • Speak with the mother of the groom before embarking on a dress search. It is quite normal for the bride and groom to wear matching colors and outfits.
  • Start your search for your dress early enough. Most people will advise that the mother of the bride begins to search for a dress at least three months before the wedding date. This is to give ample time for eventualities that may arise concerning your dress without having to face disappointment.
  • Searching stores for your dress shouldn’t be limited to just department stores. You can also search bridal stores because, in recent times, bridal outlets cater to the bride and her dress needs and cater to other important people involved in the wedding, including the bride’s mother and bridesmaids.


Societal norms often pressure mothers to conform to certain styles and standards of dressing. Still, with modern-day dressing modes and etiquettes, mothers of the bride can now embrace their style while maintaining gracefulness, elegance, and poise.

While mothers assist their daughters with various aspects of the wedding preparation, they often forget that they are a vital part of the ceremony and forget to prepare accordingly.

You can search online bridal stores such as this to quickly find a style that suits you. Bridal stores like Cocomelody have a variety of dress choices for the mother of the bride.




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