Work-From-Home Moms: 7 Clever Ways to Reduce Stress

With a home to manage, endless to-do lists, and kids to care for, many work from home moms are even more anxious and stressed than before. And if you are a mom working from home, this anxiety can sometimes feel overwhelming. Besides your everyday work, you are also taking care of your kids at the same time. When this occurs, it gets pretty hard to rest.


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Regrettably, stress can rob you of the joy you have in the things you love most in life, for instance, working and taking care of your kids. Besides, it can really take a toll on your mental and physical health at the same time.  And while stress can be part of everyday life, you must keep it under control. So, if you find yourself stressed too much all the time, the following are some ways to help you reduce stress, maintain your sanity, and become a happier mom.

Be organized

This is an essential skill that every mom should have. Getting organized is the secret to reducing stress. Besides, getting organized, particularly at work, extends to various other areas of your life and can help get rid of stress. You will need less time looking for stuff and scrambling in multiple situations. However, some areas carry the most benefits when you organize them.

Start by organizing your house. Remember that a cluttered home can rob you of your energy and other hidden costs of a cluttered home. This is why you should get your home organized. And while you need to have your books stored logically or your shoes lined up according to their color or the date they were bought, it is vital to have everything in its proper place.

Next, organize your time. Are you one of those people that find themselves rushing all the time and have trouble remembering some things? As a working mom, you have everything but time. Therefore, getting organized can make a significant impact on your life. And when making a plan, never overbook yourself and remember to plan for activities you have time for.

Ask for help

As a mom, you might have the feeling of handling everything yourself. However, that endless need to handle everything can eventually become stressful. So, don’t be hesitant to ask for help whenever you need it.  This might mean asking your partner or any family member to help manage your kids or the job. It can also mean delegating some tasks to your older kids and getting help to solve the source of your stress, like going to alcohol rehab. Remember to lower your expectations, especially when delegating some chores to your kids, and in the process, you will reduce your anxiety and stress.


As earlier stated, stress is a prevalent factor in many working from home moms. Exercising triggers the production of endorphins, the hormone that fights stress and improves your sleep. Also, according to many studies, working out improves your mental health, allowing you to concentrate better and be more productive at work.

Besides, you don’t have to hit the gym to gain the benefits of exercising. There are some types of exercises that you can do from home. For instance, you can try high-energy activities that increase the heart rate and produce endorphins. In addition, you can try yoga as it involves some stationery moves that help improve the body’s natural reaction to relaxation, making you feel more relieved and healthier.

Have boundaries

As a working mom, you are playing many roles and want to be the best. This sometimes results in the act of not being able to say no to anything. So, to be the best version of yourself, you don’t have to say yes to everything. In fact, saying no to the things that are irrelevant to your success and your family’s wellness allows you to say yes to the things in life that are good.

On the other hand, being overbooked is another major cause of stress in working from home moms. Since many want to feel like role models, they feel like they have to make everyone happy to be successful; this is not true. Make an effort to learn not to overcommit yourself to irrelevant things. Instead, pay more attention to the things that bring joy and happiness to your family.

Think again about multitasking

Working from home moms are used to balancing a busy work and home timetable. Besides, it is what they do best. However, according to the American Sociological Review, multitasking makes working moms even more stressed and decreases their efficiency.  So, instead of trying to handle everything simultaneously, try focusing on one task at a time. Once you have done that, tick it off your to-do list. That way, you will be more driven to keep working.

Eat right

It is important to note that your body will only get more stressed when you fail to eat right. Although, as a working mom, you can get too busy and be tempted to grab some sugary snacks, it is advisable to consume foods that have low sugar content. Foods that make you feel good, like baked goodies and sugary snacks, can improve your mood for a short time; however, you will be left with an enormous energy scarcity which is a killer if you are trying to get rid of stress. Therefore, try as much as you can to limit foods with high sugar levels, caffeine, Trans fats, and foods containing preservatives. Also, find a healthy diet that will help you meet all your health objectives.

Take a break

One of the biggest obstacles for working moms is that they feel the pressure to spend the entire day working. While it is a good idea to ensure you are dedicating enough time to your work, filling in the gaps of your everyday business is not healthy.

You must have a balance between work and relaxation. Besides, recreation and rest are the things that keep everyone in charge. So, if you find that you have overworked, take some time off to play with your kids or do something that you love. This will give you a stress-reducing break you need.

Final thoughts

Being a work-from-home mom can be very challenging and a blessing at the same time. And when you are overwhelmed with stress, it can be hard to see the blessing in the middle of the stress. So as you incorporate these stress-relieving tips into your daily routine, remember to get plenty of sleep and give yourself some elegance. Raising kids and working from home is a tremendous job, and the reality is that you are doing a great job, more than you realize.


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