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When you’re trying to be a more eco-conscious and environmentally friendly business, you might invest in electric cars, go paperless, and let your employees work from home to save them the commute. However, you’ll fail to show your clients how eco-friendly you are if the gifts you provide them with at Christmas are single-use or not made to last. 

When you’ve tried so hard to take care of the environment throughout the year, it’s worth carrying that trend on as Christmas approaches. Here are a few of the best eco-friendly gifts that show how dedicated to the environment you really are. 

Reusable Coffee Cups

One of the best promotional corporate gifts you can give to those who have been loyal clients to you throughout the year is a reusable coffee cup. You can have them printed with your branding and buy them in bulk at a competitive unit rate to give them to as many people as possible. 

Top-quality thermal coffee mugs can save thousands of single-use cups from entering landfills, which is an excellent start when you learn that almost 300 billion of them are disposed of each year. 

Reusable Drink Bottles

While billions of single-use coffee cups are needlessly ending up in landfills annually, we’re also facing a growing problem with single-use water bottles. Less than a third are being recycled, and tens of millions are thrown out each year. 

You may be able to make a small but helpful change by treating your clients to reusable drink bottles. They come in a range of materials, including aluminum, glass, and bamboo. They are also designed for printing, so your branding can be seen out in public as often as possible. 

Many establishments are phasing out single-use plastic bottles to reduce waste, and your company can be among those who are leading the way. 

Carry Bags

While it might not seem like the most traditional present, eco-friendly carry bags can be an excellent gift idea. You can print your branding on the outside and fill the bags with goodies like reusable coffee mugs, drink bottles, pens, lanyards, and more. 

Carry bags are something that everyone, no matter their business or position, will use at some point. They are also practical for trips to the grocery store, which may mean you don’t have to contribute to the problem of over 100 billion plastic grocery bags being thrown out each year. 

Eco Stationery

If there’s one thing most office workers use in corporate environments, it’s stationery. Therefore, it makes sense to give something that people will use. Pencils, pens, and notepaper can all be valuable gifts for those who spend most of their day writing. 

Fortunately, there are many different eco-friendly writing tool options, and you can even have your branding printed or etched on them. Stationery can also form part of a larger gift basket, with other items like reusable stainless-steel straws, phone chargers, and reusable coffee mugs. 

Planting Trees

One of the best gifts you can give your corporate client is one that benefits everyone: a tree. You can purchase a tree for them to plant themselves, or you can donate to an organization – such as the National Forest Foundation – which can plant one tree for each dollar you give on behalf of your client. 

When you’re trying to reduce your environmental impact as a business, Christmas can be a challenging time of year. Give gifts that promote sustainability and last the distance, such as drinking vessels, carry bags, stationery, and more.


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