Fun Super Bowl Stats

My hubby was reading the paper today and saw these fun Super Bowl food stats!

The average person eats 1200 calories during the Super Bowl. Second to Thanksgiving. Really?

Americans will eat 1.25 billion chicken wings. Yes I said billion!

325 gallons of beer will be drunk. None for me today!

We will eat 11.2 million pounds of potatoe chips. Yumm! OMG – just saw the Doritos commercial! LOL

8.2 million pounds of tortilla chips. I’d rather eat these – with salsa!!

Popcorn comes in third to the snacks at 3.8 million.

Last are nuts with 2.5 million. I love that guy!

Wow that’s a lot of food and beer!




Source: Palm Beach Post, U.S. National Chicken Council, Calorie Control Council.




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  1. That’s really kind of gross if I think about it. No wonder America has a weight problem. We keep inventing holidays where we sit around and eat massive amounts of food and calorie-heavy beverages. We need to think of something that inspires active, healthy participation.

  2. That’s what I was thinking too, Karen! It would be okay if it was only one day a year, but unfortunately, for most people, it’s not. It’s how they eat every day.

  3. lol. ahhh america. you make me proud.

    and that Doritos commerical with the dog was so funny!

  4. I did drink my fair share of beer yesterday afternoon!

  5. I just lost my appetite.

  6. 1200 Calories in one sitting! WOW!

  7. I love Doritos and their commercial was hilarious!!

  8. I can and can’t believe people eat that many calories during a single game.

  9. The Doritos commercial was my favorite this year. My son loved the naked M&M. 🙂

  10. I’m not surprised that nuts and chips are so popular.

  11. funny that you say that was posted in the paper I actually got a press release from the PR Rep asking me to post this for FREE

    I don’t work for free. but they were interesting facts
    I’m thinking the Wing facts might be low

  12. Oh my gosh that is a lot of calories, but I am sure I was one of those people LOL