Free Chick-fil-A July 12th



On July 12th you will be able to get free Chick-fil-A for you and your entire family!

There is one catch. You have to dress like a cow. It’s not that bad, really. We’ve done for the past 4 years and we just wear black/tan and white. I add black and white paper “spots”. Just cut out odd shaped circles and ovals and tape onto yourself. You can even download and print out a sign and ears from Chick-fil-A. Oh and I have some “cow bells” that we wear as well. The bells are just jingle bells I had leftover.

You will be able to get a full meal including a drink of you dress in fill attire (what we did). You can also just get a sandwich if you only partially dress up.  You can get more information here and you use to be able to download ears and a sign, but I don’t see it right now.

Here are some pictures from past years.




Will you dress like a cow and get free food?



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  1. I wish we had Chick-fil-A in Canada just so I could go see everyone dressed like a cow, lol.

  2. I would totally do that if we had one here. Incidentally there will be one just down the road when we move, when we went house hunting in May we stopped for a bite to eat, first time ever at a Chik-fil-A – we loved it! I can’t wait to go back.

  3. I guess I could put a few spots on to try their menu. I haven’t been there in years, so this might be just the way to see what’s new.

  4. Ya’ll are too cute! Maybe I’ll take the kids this year.

  5. Fun. I would dress like a cow for a free meal. I might have to take the kids to do this.

  6. I am SO bummed that I just moved to a state that doesn’t have Chick Fil A. I’m going to miss those delish chicken sammies!

  7. I have a Chik-fil-A less than 5 miles (actually 3 less than 20 miles from me) from me. Love ’em! I think I’ll dress my son up, since I have a card for a free salad. 🙂

  8. Sadly, no Chick-fil-A near us either. 🙁 I’d totally do this!

  9. I keep hearing amazing things about Chick-fil-A, but unfortunately, we don’t have one in our area.

  10. I love it when Chick fil A does this. It’s so much fun!

  11. I wish we had a Chick Fil A near us.

  12. Sounds like fun. We don’t have one around here or we would do it!

  13. I always look forward to this. I don a plain white painter’s suit that I got dirt cheap. I painted black spots and my daughter made a cow’s face mask. I LOVE CHICK-FIL-A! Thanks for the reminder about this event.

  14. My family loves Chick-fil-a. My kids love the fruit, so it is a great place to go because they don’t even want the fries!

    Plus, as a long-time Atlanta-area resident, I have seen years worth of the “Eat More Chikin” ads and I have loved them all!

  15. That is so cool that you and family dressed up. I haven’t Chick-fil-a in like forever.

  16. Good to know! Looks like I found this post just in time!

  17. Boo we missed this. But that is awesome they did that.