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The ONLY playing card case that turns into a discard tray so you can keep your cards safe, then play anywhere, anytime!
We’re all looking for ways to spend quality time with friends and family and a game of cards is a great way to do it.  But those paper boxes the cards come in fall apart quickly and then your cards are easily lost or damaged.  Then when it’s time to play a game, those draw and discard piles get knocked over and it’s tough to play if you don’t have a level surface.  The Card Caddy solves both of these problems, appeals to a wide market and is attractively priced at $5.99 for our Single Decker and $6.99 for the Double Decker. The 5-pack is available for $26.99. It has a wide range of appeal to parents who want a portable alternative to their kids playing on their devices; players of traditional card games like Bridge, Canasta, Rummy, casino games and countless others;  and tabletop gamers and collectors of trading cards.

The ONLY playing card case which converts to a discard tray so you can play a game of cards anywhere, anytime. The Single Decker holds a standard 54 card deck or up to 40 sleeved collectible cards. Available in 6 colors, or order 2 cases to mix and match your case for your own personal style. Now available in Camo swirl pattern, too (each swirl pattern is unique).

I think Card Caddy is a fabulous idea! I know when I buy my kids playing cards, or any type of card game, the boxes always fall apart. I love this idea and how it keeps the cards safe and you won’t damage or lose them. Card Caddy is great for any type of playing card or trading cards. Card Caddy would also make a fabulous holiday gift or birthday gift!

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Here is information about the Inventor, Chris Nichols, and the Card Caddy:

My name is Chris Nichols the inventor of the Card Caddy. When my step-son was around 5 years old, he was obsessed with Uno. I grew up playing card games of all sorts with my grandmother and wanted to foster that same love of cards with him. We carried around a couple of decks of cards, bound with rubber bands, stuffed back into the box, or just scattered in the bottom of a my wife’s purse.  When it came time to play – often somewhere without a level, solid surface for the draw and discard piles – the stacks of cards fell over, blew away or slid down into the crevice of the car seat.

For Christmas that year, I made the original version of the Card Caddy in my workshop out of scrap wood.  It was bulky and clunky, but it was a big hit and solved my frustrations.  After a couple of iterations, I’ve put together an improved version and would like to the share the idea with card lovers everywhere. 

Whether you’re a harried parent who wants a mobile entertainment option other than “a device”, a hardcore Trading Card Gamer who has a lot invested in your deck, or just someone who likes to have a deck of cards handy for a game-on-the-go, the Card Caddy is for you.



We are excited to partner with Card Caddy to give you the opportunity to win a 5-pack! Enter using the Rafflecopter below. U.S. residents only. Giveaway ends on 7/10.

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My name is MJ. I have two wonderful children and work part time as well as volunteer at my children's school.

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  1. Susan Christy says

    Uno, Phase 10 and regular decks of cards. This is great! I’ve been using a wooden box that my dad made in wood shop when he was in high school – in the 1950’s! It doesn’t fit in my purse and the lid just sits on top, not latched so it’s really not portable.

  2. This is a cool giveaway. Perfect for storing and keeping your playing cards in good condition.

  3. We usually keep the cards in the package they came in, and still wind up misplacing some out of the deck. This giveaway prize will help keep them together.

  4. Kim Croisant says

    We had family night last night where the boys played Uno. Then we played Jenga. I’ve got to get this game now.

  5. Josh Willhite says

    My Dungeoneer set could use a could deck holder.

  6. That’s a great idea! This is perfect for regular decks of cards as well as TCG like Magic or Pokemon, too. I love it!

  7. I just bought a deck of cards so this would be perfect.

  8. My tween daughter is the queen of card games, especially while traveling. A card case like this would really come in handy for when she was on the go!

  9. Reesa Lewandowski says

    Well this is genius! What a great idea, especially for traveling!

  10. That’s a pretty brilliant invention and I love that it perfectly fits a deck of cards. Nice to know that it comes in different colors as well. It’s not just for your usual deck of cards, it’s also perfect for other card games like Uno.

  11. Oh this would be so helpful! We have a few decks and I know we could use a few of these for those!

  12. Such a good idea. I love that it was made out of wood for a practical reason, worked great and was tweaked to be even better!

  13. That is really cool! Would be a great gift idea too!

  14. What a great case! We love playing cards in our house, and i bet my kiddies would love this!

  15. We are hitting the road soon, and keeping the kids entertained is a priority. The caddy sounds like a great way to protect their card games during travel!

  16. Our family loves to play cards and often times, the box ends up ripped and the cards end up in a baggie. This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  17. amy stonger says

    I’d love to keep some uno cards in one of these cases.

  18. Austin Baroudi says

    I’d keep my playing cards in this! Thanks so much for the chance!

  19. samantha says

    We are all into card playing here. We play board games and stuff to but with cards you got so many things you can play with just a regular deck of cards!

  20. kelly woods says

    This is cool. Thank you for sharing!

  21. Jen Freese says

    Our Uno cards!

  22. Debbie Penney says

    We would use it for our regular playing cards. For playing all kinds of games.