10 Tips for Throwing a Kid’s Birthday Party Adults Will Enjoy


While kid’s parties are meant for kids, the parents or guardians who accompany them should also be considered in the planning process. Here are ten tips to ensure that the grownups will enjoy the next kid’s party you throw:

  1. Designate a Space Exclusive for Adults

You don’t want the adults to compete with the kids for seating in your home. That’s a sure way to put them out of the mood. Designate a section for the grownups that is separate from the kids but still within sight. They still get to keep an eye on their children without the hassle of having to deal with them. 

  1. Choose an Inclusive Theme

Kid’s parties are notorious for having themes. It’s usually superheroes for the boys and princesses for the girls. A great way to engage the adults to the party is to choose a theme that has nostalgia, movies, or games that they once enjoyed when they were young and are still enjoyed by kids today. For example, a Mining party for a Minecraft fan might have mining faces balloons or inflatable axes as party favors the kids can play with. 

Another fun theme that a lot of adults can relate to is Harry Potter. Many of the parents now grew up with the Harry Potter movies. You can share your love for this beloved childhood book and film series with the little ones by choosing it as your party theme. The adults can dress up as distinguished wizards and witches in fancy robes and gowns. Meanwhile, the littles can wear their Hogwarts House uniforms. You can set up the venue to look like the Great Hall to stay true to the theme!

  1. Serve Adult Food Too

Hosts often forget that the adults in the party get hungry too, and the chicken fingers or mac ’n’ cheese on the table might not be to their liking. Offer something that’s a bit more appropriate for grownups; it doesn’t have to be extravagant. Roasted meats, sandwiches, or flatbread pizzas are some of your best bets. Here’s a pro tip: only serve them in the adults-only area. 

  1. Don’t Forget about the Adult Drinks

No matter what day or time your party is, having coffee on deck is an absolute must. All adults need a daily caffeine fix. Also alcohol—whether that’s beer, wine, or cocktail—is going to be met with appreciation by tired and stressed-out parents. Just keep the volume in check; it’s still a kid’s party after all.

5.  Curate an All-Ages Playlist

Music is an integral part of any party as it helps set the mood. If you plan to blast Kidz Bop or Disney movie soundtracks throughout the day, you’re going to hear groans from the grownups in the room. Some of the parents might already have their fill of “Let It Go” in their own homes. When choosing songs, make sure that it’s something everyone can relate to. 

  1. Avoid Activities That Require a Lot of Adult Help

DIYs and craft activities are a good way to keep the kids busy, but they are attention-intensive. They require a lot of adult supervision. You might lose parents who aren’t savvy with crafts or even stress them out. You can have a hired babysitter to man the station so that the parents can just lounge and enjoy themselves. 

  1. Plan Games Where Adults Can Join In

The grownups are as much guests as the kids. Plan games or activities that they can join in, like soccer or capture the flag. Having the kids worked up after several rounds of games will help temper their sugar rush and the adults to mingle more with the other grownups. 

  1. Put Out Toys Where Multiple Kids Can Share

Kids suck at sharing. Just imagine how stressful it’s going to be having to deal with two kids fighting over a single toy. The quick fix to this dilemma is to put out toys where a bunch of kids can play together. For example, a ball pit or a bucket of different sports balls will force kids to play with each other.

    9. Keep the Party Short

Make sure that your party falls within an age-appropriate time window. For kids five years and younger, limit it to two hours. For slightly older kids who can handle a longer party, three hours at most is advised. Any longer than these and the adults will start to lose their patience. 

  1. Don’t Invite the Adults

The simplest option would probably be to not invite the parents or guardians to the party. That automatically eliminates the problem of catering to both kids and adults. They can just drop off their kids at your home and pick them up later in the day. This will surely be a hit among parents who’re dying to carve out some alone adult time.

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