Fitness Strategies For Busy Moms To Stay Healthy

Moms who juggle work and home life can understand how difficult it is to maintain good health. There is little time for personal endeavors such as fitness and on the days you do get time, you are too tired for anything. A lot of time goes into planning, scheduling and juggling different priorities. And if you have kids, it might seem like you have no time for yourself. Exercising and eating right can take a back seat amidst dozens of responsibilities.


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So, how can busy moms judge their health and other commitments? As a working mom, you need to take care of your health so you can look after the family. Nutritional and fitness requirements will depend on hormonal changes, childbearing capacities and responsibilities. Here are a few fitness strategies that can help busy moms stay healthy and on top of their game. 

Draw boundaries between home and work 

It is very easy to say “Do not bring work home”. However, many of us fail to abide by it. We find ourselves working on a hundred other things at work, such as scheduling playdates for the kids, checking on the babysitter, returning calls and planning parties and carpools. While these are certainly important for busy moms, this can compromise your performance at work, which can make you fall behind. As a result, you will have to bring work home. 

Avoid working on other things when you are at work. Use your breaks to schedule these activities instead. This way, you will be able to finish your work and spend time with the kids when you get back home. 

Design an ergonomic workstation 

Many offices offer ergonomic workstations, which can help set your chair and computer at the height appropriate for you. This will reduce the incidence of neck strain, carpal tunnel, back pain and other work-related health problems. 

It might be even better if you could sit on an exercise ball while working. This is a good idea for moms who work from home. An exercise ball helps you tone your core and prevent back problems. This way, you will not be sitting idle all day and get some exercise even with a very busy work schedule. 

Remember to take breaks 

Busy moms need to take a timeout now and then. If you have been working for an hour at a stretch, make sure you get up for a few minutes and stretch your limbs. Even if you have been looking after the kids for a while, try to take a small break when you have put them to sleep. This will momentarily give you a few minutes of rest and prevent you from becoming overwhelmed. It will also help you refocus on your work and make you more productive. 

Make sure to exercise regularly 

Busy moms barely get time to exercise and meet their fitness goals. Going for a workout at the gym can seem almost impossible to handle with work and kids, which is why investing in an at home gym can be a great idea. You can work out as per your schedule and integrate the kind of exercises you want to do. At the same time, you can be a source of inspiration for your family, who would also benefit from the types of equipment you have at home and work on their own fitness goals. 

If exercising seems like a tedious task, simply make sure that you are moving around enough. A few extra minutes of brush walking every day can make a difference, and you will notice less back and neck pain and tightness when you are done. 

Eat wholesome, healthy food 

The best way to stay healthy is by watching what you eat. Eating habits can become irregular and unhealthy when you are juggling a lot of priorities together. A good way to save up on time and eat healthily is to make your meals at the start of every week, label them for different days and store them in the freezer. 

As women grow older, they also need to take vitamin supplements to be in the best form. It is always advised to see a doctor before taking any supplements on your own. Calcium, for example, is very important to maintain good bone structure. If you prefer to not take supplements, you could always substitute more nutritionally dense foods into your diet. 

Eating healthy will also set a good example for your kids, and by extension, your family. 

Stay hydrated 

Busy moms need to drink enough water throughout the day. Proper hydration will boost your mood and make you more productive. Avoid sodas and soft drinks, since these contain a lot of sugar and are likely to make you feel bloated or sleepy by the end of the day. You could add fruit infusers to water in case you want to make it more palatable or crave flavored drinks. 

Teach your kids to clean up 

Cleaning up after kids can be a massively tasking affair and after a long day of work it might just seem like the hardest thing to do. This is why it is important to teach your kids to clean up after themselves. In this way, they will learn good habits and you will have less work to do around the house. Even if you have a cleaning service, it does not hurt to teach your kids to clean up after themselves, since it teaches them to be more self-reliant. 

Take out time for yourself 

As a working mom, all your time and energy probably go into making sure that you complete all your responsibilities at work without compromising on the well-being of your family. Over time, it can lead to a serious case of burnout and can leave you feeling tired and drowsy all the time. Self-care is very important for busy moms, since it gives you a breather from all the tasks and duties you perform throughout the day, and lets you just be yourself for a while. 

Self-care does not necessarily have to be grand. It can be something as simple as a warm shower, spending some time alone with your favorite book, or even listening to your playlist. Anything that keeps you fresh and rejuvenates you can be a form of self-care. This will not only prevent burnout, but it will also make you more productive and energetic.


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