Green Living Tip – Make Your Own Bread Crumbs

My hubby loves to use bread crumbs to bake our chicken. He always bought Italian Bread Crumbs from the store. Then I started getting into blogging and reading about going green and being frugal and I found others that made their own bread crumbs, so I decided to try it. It’s been almost 3 years now and I’m still making my own.

It’s super easy to do too!

Dry out any bread, garlic bread, bagels, rolls, until nice and dry. Usually a few days. I do recommend breaking them up first. Then place them in a blender and blend away!

You may want to only do a little at a time, in the blender. I then add Italian seasoning, garlic salt and onion powder and store in a plastic baggie in the freezer.

My hubby wasn’t that into it in the beginning but now he proudly says, “My wife makes her own bread crumbs!”


Have you ever made bread crumbs?


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  1. One Hundred 80 Days says:

    You just made me feel guilty…just kidding…no really I think you did! But in a good way. I use to actually make them for my mom when I was little. But I used an old metal meat grinder. She would hook it to an outdoor patio table, and I would grind away. I remember loving the sound of the bread as it was crunched up. Now to the guilt part…definitely need to start making my own, and pass on the tradition and skill to my daughter. I am a new follower from a blog hop. Love your blog!

  2. LAMusing says:

    I've made my own croutons, but for some reason never thought of making my own bread crumbs! I'll try it when I next have some left over bread

  3. lol that’s so cute husbands are so funny. Mine is always skeptical, but he comes around too. Making your own croutons are also pretty easy and super yummy. I use the ends of the bread that I don’t like to eat.