Leap Frog’s Cool New Toys #LeapFrogParty

Have you seen the new Leap Frog’s Leap Pad? It’s totally awesome! I wish I had seen this before I bought Savannah her iPod. I was sent some of Leap Frog’s products to try out and share with friends. We tried the Leap Pad, the Tags Systems and the Interactive World Map to use with the Tag.

The Leap Pad has  100+ cartridge games, apps, digital books and videos. There are school basics like reading, mathematics and science, plus geography,art, music, language and culture, health and more. This is much more educational then Savannah’s “other toy”. Plus the skill levels adjust automatically so kids can learn at their own pace, and progress is remembered from game to game and book to book. How cool is that!

Plus the camera is too cool!

Let’s not forget the Leap Frog Tag books. There are so many characters to choose from. Every child will love them! The tag systems will help with vocabulary, word recognition,phonics, listening and learning. The child touches the Tag pen to the book and the book will read to the child.

The Interactive World Map was totally awesome! You just touch the pen to any area and it tells about that section of the world. The map is huge too.

We had a great time checking out the products. I already have a few moms putting the Leap Pad on the Christmas shopping list. If your looking for a great gift for your little ones – check out Leap Frog!! All product can be purchased at www.leapfrog.com or at Target, Walmart, etc. These products are geared for ages 4-9, but I believe any 3 year old would be fine with this, maybe even 2.

While I would have dismissed the Leap Pad because we bought Savannah an iPod. I’m very happy that I was able to see first hand what the Leap Pad can do. It’s so much more than I expected. It’s geared toward her age and I know she will learn while playing.



Have you tried it out yet? Is it on your list?




I received items mentions above to facilitate this review and share with other mothers. Opinions are my own.


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  1. Those look like so much fun, I bet my kiddos would love them.

  2. This looks like they had a lot of fun, I want to get these for my boys.

  3. My son is just a bit too old for it, by this would be a great gift idea for one of my nephews.

  4. What a cool product!

  5. Looks so fun!

  6. My favorite part is that interactive map! I’m really impressed with how LeapFrog has expanded their line.

  7. I’ve seen the commercials. It looks cool.

  8. My favorite part is that interactive map! I’m really impressed with how LeapFrog has expanded their line.