Beach Finds w/w

I was surprised we saw two of these guys. (update: these are man-o-wars)

Love the birds!

My very first shark tooth!



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  1. I wish the weather we nice enough to go to the beach here…still cool here in Manitoba, Canada.

  2. Super cool on the shark tooth!

  3. very cool finds!

  4. Where are you at? Your beach finds look very different from ours! I’ve never seen jellyfish like that!!

  5. Those are some strange looking jellyfish…they are actually pretty.

  6. Are those jelly fish?!

  7. Whoah! I’ve never seen jellyfish up close before. Looks like some fun though either way!

  8. SO cool! Awesome finds!

  9. Are those jellyfish?

  10. If those are jellyfish they’re NOTHING like the ones we have up here. WEIRD!

  11. Cool jellyfish! And the shark tooth is pretty awesome, too. πŸ™‚

  12. I don’t think I have ever seen jellyfish like this before.

  13. Eek! Jellyfish freak me out!

  14. I’m glad you saw them and didn’t step on them!

  15. Are those jellyfish? I’ve never seen one before, very cool!

  16. Eek. I got right in the middle of a school of jellyfish before. NOT a fun time. However, looking for shark’s teeth is one of my favorite past times! Your photos have gotten me excited for the beach!!

  17. Looks like Jellyfish, they always freak me out when I see them in the water!

  18. oh the shells!!! we spent Christmas in siesta key and the beach is awesome but not great for shelling

  19. I love the beach…but those jelly fish are enough to keep me out of the ocean! Very different than the ones I’ve seen in New Jersey. The shark tooth find is really cool!

  20. What cool finds!! I am so jealous of your beautiful beach.

  21. That’s great! I can’t believe you saw(and new what it was) the shark’s tooth. Very COOL! I don’t like the jellies ;).

  22. Cool find on the shark’s tooth, but what are those creatures? Are they jellyfish?

  23. This Texas girl has never seen a real jellyfish before – they look so different from drawings you always see, lol!! πŸ™‚

  24. I just went to the beach last week, but didn’t see anything too cool like you did.

  25. Jellyfish?? The shark tooth is amazing!! Now, I have beach fever!!

  26. Shark TOOTH!!! That is super neat!! I love the jelly fish too!

  27. Cool shark tooth! What are those two top pictures?

  28. I love beach finds! What a great shark tooth! Is there a necklace in your future? πŸ˜‰

  29. Like everyone else said, they don’t look like the jelly fish around here.

  30. Oh WOW, those are some cool finds.

  31. WOW! I’d love to live so close to the beach. Those are some wild jellies!

  32. I’ve never seen a jellyfish live and in person. I think I’d be scared.

  33. Wow that jellyfish looks cool. Great pics. I love strolling on the beach looking for treasures :).

  34. Those look kind of freaky.

  35. EWWWW jellyfish! Love the shark’s tooth

  36. Those jellyfish hurt like nothing else. OUCH

  37. Those are some big Jelly Fish!! And that shark tooth is insane!! I can’t believe it looks that good just on the beach like that – I always assumed when I saw them in the store they were polished.

  38. Cool shark tooth!

  39. Whatever kind of fish those are, they are incredible!

  40. Wow- that is an awesome shark tooth? Is that a jellyfish?

  41. Those look like Man o War rather than jellyfish.

  42. Those are great photos… I love walking on the beach and finding really cool things. But I’ve never seen a jellyfish up close like that – except at Disney World.
    I also have beach fever now.
    Hope you had a wonderful time while you were there taking such terrific photos.

  43. that’s a nice looking jellyfish πŸ˜‰ I haven’t seen one with that color.

  44. I’ve seen jellyfish on a beach I go to but it looks nothing like that. How cool

  45. oh the beach I long to go to a nice beach. Thanks for sharing your cool pics

  46. Makes me anxious to get to the beach this year!

  47. Those awe awesome finds!! The Jelllyfish are huge!

  48. That is really cool!

  49. Those look like the jellyfish that hurt.

  50. These are some wonderful finds, especially the shark tooth.

  51. Very cool! I wouldn’t have known that was a jellyfish or a shark’s tooth!

  52. Wow! You found a lot of goodies in one day πŸ™‚

  53. Was that a jellyfish?

  54. Oh those are Man o’ wars we get those here sometimes. They are such strange looking things LOL

  55. Jelly fish?! Wow, I’ve never seen those on the beach like that!

  56. Love jelly fish when I’m not in the water and they are! Hahahahah!
    Finding a shark tooth is WAY cool!

    Great pictures!

  57. Never found a shark tooth. Plenty of jellyfish though!

  58. What the a man o war?! so scary!!

  59. Oh wow so cool!

  60. Isn’t it amazing that something so deadly can be so beautiful?

  61. Definitely don’t want to be stung by one of those! The shark tooth was a great find!

  62. That man o war looks scarry…. o.O

  63. Wow, the shark tooth was awesome.

    But I’d be running from the jelly fish. Eek. Those suckers hurt.

  64. All of that stuff is super cool but I love the man-o-wars! I’ve never seen those before!

  65. The shark tooth is an awesome find! But I think I’ll be okay with never finding one on our beaches, LOL….not too keen on sharks. πŸ˜‰