Can a name make you more attractive? – Guest Post

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Names have a number of qualities. People make assumptions all the time about someone’s personality traits, intelligence or creativity simply from their name, but is it possible for a name to make you attractive? Although this question might not arise for parents who are going to Bounty’s pregnancy calculator to work out what stage they’re at, a name can determine what will happen to their child in later life.

The attractiveness of a name could play a huge part in your child’s love life. If they have a name which men or women love then they’ll have a good chance of being in a long-term loving relationship, whereas a name that isn’t deemed attractive by others could have the opposite effect. A good name could mean that your child could be in the same position that you’re currently in: choosing a name for your grandchild while also looking at Bounty’s pregnancy page for advice on what to do while pregnant.

A study recently conducted in the name of researching whether some names were more attractive than others asked people taking part to say how attractive they found 24 different young people. During that study, they placed different names under the pictures of the aforementioned young people, and the results were surprising to say the least. They asked participants to rate them in terms of attractiveness in ascending order.

The results showed that names do have a bearing on how attractive they find a person. When this study was conducted in the US, the names were shown to have made a 6% difference in how attractive they found someone. A similar exercise in the UK also revealed that someone’s name had 6% greater bearing on someone’s attractiveness to a member of the opposite sex.

When it comes to which names are more attractive, there are differences in relation to the two genders. For men, women tend to find people with shorter names such as John, Matt, Mark and Joe more attractive. As for women, it’s almost exactly the opposite. Men are seen as showing a slight preference for women with longer, more flowing names such as Chantelle, while those with shorter names are seen as being less alluring.

Although the attractiveness of someone’s name isn’t the most important thing when looking for a partner or date, it does have a role to play. The more attractive someone’s name is, the more likely they may be to have a better, fuller love life.



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  1. I don’t think names make people attractive, but they can pique interest – a unique name always makes people curious as to what the person is like!

  2. I don’t think that names make people attractive, but like Jenn says they do make people interested! 🙂

  3. Very interesting thoughts.

  4. I think a name can make a person have a different first impression. Once you get to know them, I am sure it will change. I am not sure about making them attractive.

  5. Yeah, I don’t know about making them more attractive… but a name can sure turn someone off from the person before meeting.

  6. I’ve never heard a person’s name and then think they were more or less attractive because of it. I do like interesting names….

  7. Well some names are less attractive, I won’t say what names I am thinking about but.. I love interesting different names..

  8. I think the NAMES are less attractive, not the person

  9. Hmmm…I don’t think it makes you more or less attractive, having a different name, but interesting topic!

  10. Very interesting. I think a name can definitely make someone sound more interesting.

  11. I’ve never thought of a name as being attractive. Although, there are names that I think would put you off of wanting to date someone.

  12. Interesting. We put a lot of thought into our children’s names, because we believe you speak the same thing over your child all of their life and we wanted it to be powerful. Attractiveness never factored into our decision, though.

  13. I actually really think so!

  14. I’ve never thought about it. Certain names inevitably do have certain connotations though.

  15. Well I hope not LOL because my name is Toni and that may not be considered attractive for a girl name.

  16. Is that why soap operas always used the most ridiculous off the wall names?

  17. I think so yes!

  18. Very interesting to ponder.

  19. Interesting. I definitely think names can affect a first impression.

  20. i too think its interesting although I would love to know where you heard that at

  21. Definitely interesting. I don’t think I have ever thought of someone as more attractive because of their name though.

  22. Never thought of this. When we picked sweet baby’s name I actually used it at places like Jamba Juice to see if I really liked it. Sounded good 🙂

  23. I don’t think that a person’s name impacts how attractive they are, but I do believe it can play a role in personality.

  24. I think names give people impressions.