Reviews Online – Do You Check?

Do you order stuff online? Silly question, most of us do at some point, right? Do you ever read the reviews people post? I do. I want to know what other’s thought about the product.

I was searching for cell phone cases yesterday. Mine is cute, but the color is coming off where I hold the phone. There are so many cute cell phone cases, but not so many for my particular phone. I was a little disappointed while shopping.

However I did find five or six on Amazon. While shopping though I made sure to read the review of the cases. There was one that was only $1.36!! Really, sounds really cheap! BUT – I read the review and there was one there for five stars!

So I added that one to my cart.

I also picked out another for $5.94, it comes with a bag and LCD screen protector.

Did you know that companies can help their online reputation management? I can do it too as a blogger. There are companies that will check your status and any unfavorable reviews and let you know how to fix it.

I’ve been getting these Twitter messages that say, “Someone is saying horrible things about you.” But it’s just spam.

It’s cool to know that you can check that though.


Do you wonder what people are saying about you? Do you read reviews before you buy?



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  1. I do try to read reviews when I am researching a product or looking for something that may cost more money that I would usually spend.

  2. I always read reviews before buying something. I’m so mad I forgot to once with my printer, in which I really should have read them!!

  3. I always check amazon reviews, its so much easier to use the amazon app than to google reviews