Protecting Your Treasured Possessions

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We all love our homes and spend hundreds, if not thousands, on all kinds of improvements and additions to make them not only look nice, but to make them feel like a home. After a long day at work you want to be excited about getting back to your home because you like it, not just because you’re tired from work. As such, it’s important that we may particular attention to the contents.


Expensive flat screen 3D televisions are all the rage and it seems like everyone has gadgets galore dotted around the home with smartphones, tablet computers and music players everywhere you look. The problem is, thieves are aware of this too and, having spent so much on your possessions already you really need to look into Budget Direct building insurance to cover them all.

Installing a security system is a great way of not only deterring thieves, but also to keep your home and contents insurance premium down to as little as possible.


Another really good way of bringing the cost down is to increase the deductible. This is very similar to the excess on your car insurance, whereby you have to pay a fee and then if the costs exceed this amount the insurers will pay the rest. For example, if you have a deductible of $500, the insurers will pay for anything over that.


Experts suggest that you should break down your home insurance into four sections – the structure of your house, your belongings, your liability to others and your living expenses in the event that you have to move out of your home while any work is done.


Rather than looking at the insurance quote as a valuation of your property and possessions, you should think of the quote as an idea as to how much you would have to spend to replace your possessions in a like-for-like sense. Gadgets, furniture and other essential possessions don’t come cheaply, so take a look at the option of replacement-value insurance.

If you live in an area that is known for flooding, then it could be worth investing in flood protection. If water levels rise and your home becomes at risk, the last thing you want is for your home and all of the possessions to be ruined and you having to pay for all new furniture and flooring.



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  1. Makes sense. My current insurance is way over the house’s value… I always thought that was odd.

  2. That definitely makes sense that you should break it down into 4 sections. Great tips.

  3. Never thought about the 4 components but that makes good sense!

  4. Yep you need broad coverage these days to protect yourself!

  5. Living in FL we have to have flood insurance, I would live in a home that didn’t have it.

  6. Hmmm — I wonder if my husband has considered all of this with our insurance?

  7. It is always good to protect the things you treasure.

  8. Good advice! I do need to look into what our insurance plan is exactly. &Agreed on the flooding- we get flash floods sometimes here & when I was a little kid my apartment got flooded. It wasn’t SEVERE but it was bad enough that anything that was touching the floor was ruined, which in my case was a lot because I was a messy little 8 year old.

  9. Flood insurance is a must living on the gulf coast. I hope we never have to use it but glad it’s available just in case.

  10. I am so glad that I don’t live in a flood zone, but if I did I would definitely have flood insurance.

  11. Good advice – I need to look at our insurance again to see what all we have.

  12. I can’t wait to own a house one day.

  13. I’m so glad my father is an insurance agent. He makes sure I’m covered.