Summer Holiday Costs Continue to Decline


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“The cost of a summer holiday is something that has prevented many from  taking regular trips abroad particularly during peak times such as  school holidays as this is when vacation costs are at their highest. In  recent months, the cost of going on holiday has fallen dramatically and  even at their most expensive times holidays are more affordable for  everyone. Whether it is a beach break in Europe or Patagonia cruise ships, more people are having the choice of destination, holiday length and  activities, and all due to the falling costs of holiday packages. The  recession has meant that a holiday is most definitely a luxury and one  that so many are unable to even consider, however since 2012 the cost of holidays has dropped allowing families in particular the luxury of  going abroad.”


Despite the pound being weak against the euro, European holidays in particular are more affordable and since 2012 77% of European holidays are cheaper. Packages have dropped around 18% compared to 2012 and the huge drop opens up a variety of destinations and activities that would previously have been out of the question.


Holidays are longed for by those that spend the majority of the year working hard and have a strong need for a break, regardless of the length of time or the destination. Families, in particular, are keen to have holidays as a unit, not only do they offer some much needed rest and relaxation but the opportunity to bond as a family and have time together which may not be possible throughout the year. With holiday packages crashing, families are taking the opportunity to see places and regions that they only would have dreamed of before. In a bid to encourage and maintain tourism and popularity, European holiday resorts are competing against one another to offer the lowest prices and the best package deals. This combined with the effects of the recession means holiday costs are at an all time low and there is little to suggest when and if this fall will end.


The costs of flights continue to rise and fall on a near daily basis and this is another contributing factor to the lower holiday costs, packages will be at their lowest in terms of cost when the flight is also at a low price.


Cruises were the epitome of luxury and a holiday, which so many people aspired to afford and it was considered to be the ultimate indulgent. The cost of cruises has also seen a drop with the cost falling by 20% over the last 5 years. 24% of holiday makers now opt for the cruise as their holiday choice as it has become affordable to so many, it is the ideal way to see hidden beauties and stunning areas across the globe, something which many long to do and see.


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  1. It’s nice to see travel costs dropping, and it’s a good excuse to go on vacation!

  2. I wish I could afford to fly abroad. I love Europe.

  3. I didn’t realize the cost of cruises had went down. I believe it’s time to book one!