DIY No Sew Blanket



I’m going to show you how to make your very own DIY No Sew Blanket. These will make wonderful presents for everyone on your list!


I’ve been wanting to try this for about a year now, ever since my cousin, Merrilee told me about them. So a few weeks ago my daughter and I headed to the craft store and we were pleasently surprised to find the fleece 50% off!

What you will need are a good pair scissors and 2-3.5 yards of fleece in two colors. The yardage depends on how large you want your blanket to be. I went with 2 yards each but will get 3 yards when I make one for my son.



I wanted to get something a bit Christmasy. We found this super cute penguin design and then I matched the red in the design and went with a solid red for contrast.


No sew blanket

First thing to do is place the fabric on top of each other design side out. Then trim the edges off and make even. I skipped a step in my pictures. To begin you will cut a square in the corner about 3″x 3″. Then you begin to cut the edge into 1″ strips about 4 inches long. I did about ten at a time. Then you will take both pieces of material and snip a small hole as seen above.



Then you will bring both pieces either up and over or under and through the hole and pull through. I did alternate ties just to be different. You can Google other ways as well.


Here’s a little video that my daughter took…



This is the finished blanket showing the alternate ties.


Here is the red side…


And the design side….


These are the warmest blankets! So soft and cozy!! As soon as my son saw it he asked if I would make him one. Of course he wants a FSU blanket. Back to the store!



Have you ever tried to make a No Sew Blanket? How did it turn out?


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  1. I like the design on the blanket you made. I’ve made a couple of no-sew blankets in years past.

  2. This is my kind of DIY projects… since I can’t sew a lick, other than a button. 🙂

  3. I love these blankets. They are so cozy & a snap to make. My niece leads her college’s division of Project Linus that provides blankets to hospitalized individuals and their families. She is like a no sew-blanket making machine.

  4. These type of blankets are the best to snuggle up with!

  5. I’ve never tried to make anything like this before! That’s a huge plus for me that it requires no sewing! Very cute!

  6. I can not sew to save my life so I would love to attempt this blanket. I will be pinning this and giving it a go soon!

  7. Looks perfect to snuggle up in. The tying seems much easer than sewing too.

  8. That looks like the perfect snuggle blanket and I love how comfy it looks!

  9. These are such great gifts for kids to make to give to others. My daughter made a couple for her cousins when they were born. The boys are 8 and 5 and still carry them around!