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If you’ve got a daughter, you know all about the struggles of picking outfits and agreeing on what to wear in the morning. Maybe you’ve tried tricks such as selecting an outfit in advance or letting her sleep in her chosen clothes. While these are great ideas, they don’t always work for parents who are dealing with a fickle fashionista. You might not be able to convince her to wear clothes that match, but there are a few other things you can do to make your morning routine easier. Getting ready doesn’t have to be a stressful endeavor. Approaching your morning routine with a better understanding of your daughter’s motivations might help you accommodate her and keep things on schedule in the process. Even the most stubborn of style fanatics is likely to give when presented with a good incentive. Consider these tips and tricks for a new approach to the morning getting ready routine.


Build In Trying on Time
Experts suggest that letting your kids wear what they want is a positive way to encourage independence. That said, handing over full control is likely to result in lot of time spent trying on and changing her mind. That’s ok. Build time into your morning routine to allow for several changes of outfit before she decides on the final selection. This alleviates the pressure of getting ready quickly, and it allows her to feel satisfied with the choice she’s made. Once she knows what she wants to wear, you can grab the kid’s lunch boxes and head out the door.
Create Themes for Each Day
Beginning your morning routine before you actually go to bed is a good idea. One thing you can do the night before is establish a theme for the morning and request that your daughter dress accordingly. This filters the options she has for getting dressed, and it motivates her to prioritize selecting an outfit. To set the theme, you can choose one of several kid’s lunch boxes and challenge her to match her outfit to it. She will have a blast finding something that perfectly accentuates her accessory, and you’ll have an easier time getting her out the door.
Encourage Creative Expression and Exploration
At the end of the day, creativity is a trait you want to see in your kids and nurture. When your daughter is struggling to decide what to wear or fighting for her right to rock a sequined tutu to kindergarten, you’re seeing the early signs that you have a strong-willed person on your hands who cares deeply about how they express themselves. Though it can be difficult when you’re rushing to get ready in the morning, it’s also a positive sign and a characteristic that is worth appreciating. Rather than suppressing it, find ways to accommodate and manage it. Style is important, and with these tips, it doesn’t have to be sacrificed. Even finicky fashionistas will fall for these tricks and make the morning routine easier. Sometimes you have to accept the tutus on a Tuesday, but they don’t have to result in tantrums.


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