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We recently talked about using technology to help with education.

One thing that I’d like to add is the ever changing environment my daughter studies in. As a teenager she is making the most of her portability while boosting her productivity by utilizing CURVD earplugs. She has noticed a significant improvement in her ability to focus and cut out loud distractions.
CURVD earplugs are comfortable, reusable and allows my daughter to maintain a calm environment even in a noisy cafe. I’ve also found them practical for myself when I have some time to read and unwind but also need to be aware of my home.
They don’t block out all sound but rather filter it out. In this way you can still hear speech and music clearly, just a lot more quietly.
CURVD earplugs come nicely packaged and have a quality look and feel to them straight out of the box.
Finding an environmental responsible earplug was a challenge when we looked at adding these products into our home. I had to dig a little deeper and found on the CURVD website they put in the effort with using 100% recyclable materials in their products as well as offering a silicone take-back program.
At CURVD, they are not just creating amazing products – they are working to build a better future for all.
Now I’m off to go try to read a book. When you do get the chance to find a little bit of peace and quiet you need to take it.
  – Nikki Valenzuela

Adagio Tea – Holiday Gift Guide

Hello fellow readers and tea drinkers!

As we embrace Fall and prepare for the Winter/Holiday season I thought I would start our 2023 gift guide with a product we cherish from a company that has it roots in family.
Adagio Teas embodiments all that we love in a brand; a family story of making a dream come true, sourcing quality ingredients direct from the farmers, and producing a product that is affordable as well as delightful for consumers.
I encourage you to explore their website and read how they developed their business and read the stories of the farmers.
Ever since I was introduced to Adagio Teas, it’s been my favorite loose leaf tea brand. Adagio teas are known for their gourmet, artisan, loose leaf tea which can be purchased online.
I could spend hours shopping the Adagio Teas website. They have so many options for pure tea, blends, iced teas and more.
What I’ve found to be a lovely opportunity to sample the range Adagio offers is the yearly
Tea Advent Calendar. There are so many flavors I’d never even heard of as well as blends I wanted to sample but apprehensive to commit to.
One of my favorite teas that is included again in this year’s Advent Calendar is Pomegranate Grove.
It is full of vibrant color, scent & flavor. This is a perfect evening tea being caffeine free.
The spices and fruit are blended beautifully. The pomegranate is sweeter than expected. It is mildly tart, with spicy mulled cider vibe. I can make out the individual flavors, which are very well balanced. I added a small drop of palmetto honey which really brought out the cinnamon flavor. It is a very light, fruity, tasty tea that is quite brilliant.
I enjoy this blend hot however I can see how cold brewing this blend would also be a delightful option I may try next time.
You’re guaranteed to find something to make your taste buds dance with Adagio, now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got tea to drink!
  – Nikki Valenzuela

Groove Life Gear Review

Hello again everyone!
I would like to introduce my only daughter, Gabby. She’s the “baby” of my family and turning 19 this November. She’s kind, intelligent, funny and fierce and I’m a very proud Mom!
Gabby is probably my easiest to make happy when it comes to how she likes to celebrate her birthday, as well as to shop for. Her style ranges from Crocs and torn jeans to stylish rompers and bursting colors!
When I ask her how she’d like to celebrate each year her request is always the same, to have a family dinner made of her favorite dish – my lasagna with a cake or sometimes a Key Lime Pie of course!
Very rarely does she have a gift request, which is both a blessing and a curse. I have to think, plan, shop and discover the things she may like.
So now that I’ve told you just how easy going and special this girl is, I need your help! Any suggestions on how I can “wow” my daughter with a gift this year?
For reference here is my darling girl at a local park we enjoy walking. As you see I wasn’t exaggerating when I said torn jeans! Camo is her favorite pattern, her stackable rings and tactical belt are from Groove Life and show her active, adventure-inspired style. Maybe I’ll add to her outdoorsy collection this year or to her minimal but mighty glam style but either way – I better start shopping,
1 month to go!
– Nicole Valenzuela

Nicole Valenzuela

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