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 Hawaiian Punch & 7UP #shop

My neighborhood is having a Halloween party on Saturday. I wanted to make some fun treats but I had to try them out first and see how it worked.

I bought the Mixed Fun Size Candies from Mars, some Hawaiian Punch and a 2 Liter of 7UP. I also purchased some white chocolate and slivered almonds.


Halloween baking #shop

I love to make candy so I took my already bought candy and added some extra spookiness. (I found that it was easier to refrigerate the candy before dipping into hot chocolate.) I covered the Twix bars in melted white chocolate and added a slivered almond to one end to resemble a witches’ finger.

Twix Witch Fingers #shop


I then took the Snickers Bars and cut them in half.  Then poked a lollipop stick into the cut end and dipped it into the melted chocolate and let in drip down to resemble a ghostly form. After I cooled the ghosts in the fridge I added some eyes and mouths in melted milk chocolate.

So it’s kind of like a Snicker’s Cake pop. Sort of.


Snicker Ghosts #shop

I think they came out cute and am looking forward to bringing them to the party.

On to the punch…..

Witches' Brew, Hawaiian Punch, #shop


What’s a party without a spooky punch?

Very simple to make and so delicious! All you need is Hawaiian Punch, 7UP and sherbert. Mix 1 part to 1 part Hawaiian Punch and 7UP. Then add sherbet to taste. I think I added too much but it still tasted great!. Add a few spiders and floating eyeballs and you are in for a spooky treat!

Halloween recipes #shop

I’ll be adding some pretzel rods dipped in chocolate with sprinkles to my party list. The more I look on Pinterst for more ideas I come up with!



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Want more inspiration on Halloween Baking and recipes? Check out BrightIdeas.com for more #SpookyCelebration ideas! Also check out the  blogging community and their projects on the #SpookyCelebration Pinterest Board.



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  1. The Halloween goodies you created look great and very yummy! I am a big fan of fizzy punch.

  2. I love the cake pops. I think I could even make those.

  3. I love making cake pops and cake balls. 🙂 Yours look great…. I mean, spooky! I so love Halloween!

  4. This looks like such a fun party!

  5. I like the fingers with the almonds, super creepy but fun and I bet they were delicious. Halloween is definitely one of my favorite holidays.

  6. Oooo, love your spooky punch and those Twix bars….so much yum at your house!

  7. Ok, some of those are really creepy and giving my the heebie jeebies!

  8. My son would so love that punch. He is a big Hawaiian Punch fan.

  9. That punch totally freaks me out! LOL! I think they eyeballs are just too much for me!

  10. These are such fun ideas! I LOVE the snicker ghosts: I’ve pinned it :).
    Stephanie from grinninglikeanidiot.com

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  12. Your Halloween creativity is unmatched!
    thanks for the cool pics!

  13. I may be using some of these ideas!!

  14. I love the fingers. And so easy to make.

  15. Great ideas!!! I’ll have to borrow some for my Halloween party 🙂

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  19. Those are cute, I like the fingers!

  20. Hhaha! Those are such cute ideas!!! Super creative and fun!

  21. That punch bowl looks super creepy and just what we need for our party. Thanks for the great ideas!

  22. This all turned out so cute. I love the ghostly pops!

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  25. Those fingers are so simple but so cute! I need to make those.

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