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Many reasons motivate people to remodel their homes. According to a Houzz survey, wanting to do it all along and having the time or financial means for the renovation ranked as the no. 1 motivation for 57 percent of respondents. You may feel the same about your bathroom, a high-traffic area that makes it prone to wear and tear.

Luckily, you have some free time from your busy schedule to go over ideas for a bathroom remodeling project. You can keep the costs low and on the budget by focusing on upgrades that are light and right. Moms like you are no strangers to budgeting as having kids changes everything.

With a vision and elbow grease to execute your plan to completion, you can accomplish your bathroom makeover on a tight budget. Begin now.

Find Your Purpose

What do you want to achieve with the bathroom renovation? The common goals include these:

  • Freshen the bathroom’s look
  • Make space appear bigger
  • Free up space, such as by removing oversized fixtures
  • Modernize the fixtures

With a defined goal, you can proceed to research, watch tutorials, and look up the costs of materials and labor, if need be, as well as hiring skip bins sydney, or wherever you are, should you wish to have a clear place to put any waste that the project produces. It becomes easier to determine how much to set aside from the household budget for upgrades, like those below.

Free Up Space for Bold Wallpaper

Sometimes, all it takes is a wallpaper to remodel a bathroom. TMoorehome.com shares how to make a small powder room appear bigger and better by using a tropical-themed palm-leaf wallpaper. It provides a whimsical backdrop for the mirror, the medicine cabinet, and the toilet. Plus, if you have any antique mirrors in your bathroom, a bright wallpaper is the perfect way to incorporate a maximalist style.

One takeaway from the project is that bold-print wallpapers need only cover one wall, and it’s less costly this way.

Stick to Tile Decals 

Removing old tiles takes a lot of time, effort, and money, ranging from $7 to $25 per foot, according to HomeGuide’s estimates. Shower tiles with intricate designs can cost more.

As an alternative, opt for tile decals or stickers in colors and patterns that your kids approve. When shopping for decals, make sure they are waterproof, easy to remove if you are renting, and safe to install on the floor.

Upgrade Your Bathroom Hardware 

The doorknob can use a turn for the better, such as a vintage door handle that is ornately designed. Think of changing the drawer pulls, bathroom faucets, towel racks, robe holders, grips, etc. to give them a consistent theme and feel.

Bathroom hardware has so many finishes, from nickel to gold. For faucets, make sure that the new ones have the same installation type.

Deal with Glass Blocks

Have you inherited glass blocks in the bathroom? You can improve them in many ways.

For one, you can apply a tint or film that looks like wallpaper for privacy and aesthetics. Another option is to mount curtains or shades to cover the spot when it’s too bright outside. Also, check and replace any crumbling grout surrounding the glass blocks to avoid leaking.

Utilize the Windowsill

Instead of it collecting dust and random objects, the windowsill can be a storage or decorative spot. You can place plants, bottles of toiletries, books, and picture frames. Some people extend the ledge with a table to hold towels and other stuff. If you want it to be clutter-free, you can limit the display to one or two items.

Refinish the Tub

Does your bathtub look worn with paint peeling off and cracks here and there? It would be too expensive to rip the fixture out and buy a new one. Look into refinishing to provide a surface-level restoration of the tub.

Do-it-yourself kits are available, along with how-to videos on YouTube. This process is also useful when changing the color of the bathtub from avocado or mustard to white.

Install an Efficient Toilet 

A significant upgrade is a toilet. Consider replacing the one you have with a macerating toilet to save water. This type of toilet also features simple installation that you can do yourself, as well as portability (check the model) to meet the needs of family members.

For as long as an area in your house has water and electric supply, you can install the toilet there. Moreover, you have the option to connect the macerating pump with the sink or shower for greywater discharge.

Hopefully, these ideas will help you remodel your bathroom and enhance the comfort and convenience of your family.

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