Beyond NYC: Incredible Ways to Enjoy New York State


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New York City is one of the most popular tourist destinations for travelers of all kinds. It’s a bustling city with so much to see and do, so it’s understandable that so many people flock toward it. But NYC isn’t everything that the state of New York has to offer. There’s so much more to see throughout the whole state, whether you’re looking for other cities or more of an outdoor experience. You could miss out on a lot if you only stick to NYC and, believe it or not, the city actually isn’t for everyone. So where should you go instead?

Head to the North

New York City lies in the southeastern corner of New York State, so pretty much everything else is north of NYC. So by heading north, you’re going to discover somewhere new. But if you keep going to the northern part of the state, you could find yourself especially delighted by what you find there. Next year is the perfect time to visit because the 2024 total solar eclipse in the Adirondacks is going to be an incredible sight to behold. There won’t be another for 20 years, The region is full of stunning scenery and offers beautiful towns, ski resorts and much more.

Summer in the Hamptons

When you hear “the Hamptons”, you probably think of rich people and their second homes. And it’s true that a lot of wealthy people spend their summers here, but you don’t have to be rolling in dough to plan a visit there. You can find affordable accommodation for a comfortable stay, or maybe go for something a bit more luxurious if you’re willing to stretch your budget. The beautiful beaches of the Hamptons are definitely worth checking out. In Montauk, you’ll find so much happening during the summer too, including festivals, markets and more.

Explore Towns and Cities

Outside of NYC, there are so many different towns and cities to explore across the state. Places like Rochester, Albany, Buffalo and Syracuse all offer something different to anyone who wants to explore New York. You can discover history, culture, great food and much more by expanding your horizons and stopping at some of these places. Some might only be worth a day trip, while others have plenty to offer if you want to stay for multiple days. They can make great bases for exploring different parts of the state too.

Visit Wine Country

People might think of California more when they consider US regions famous for wine. But the east coast has plenty of winemaking too, and New York is no exception. Finger Lakes Wine Country offers more than 100 wineries, distilleries and breweries, making it perfect for wine lovers or even people who prefer beer, whiskey and more. Taking a tour is a good way to get a snapshot of the region and there are even wine cruises you can take.

NYC might be amazing but it’s not the only place in New York. Look beyond the Big Apple and you can discover so much more.


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